I think, I could protect you, Rogue

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I'd forgotten what a great post this is. I read it when it was first posted, and I'm very glad to have read it again. I wonder if the original author knows how popular this thread is.
10/04/2012 04:03 PMPosted by Sheevah
Ah, one thread I don't mind being necrod.
10/04/2012 04:48 PMPosted by Irrwisch
Ah, one thread I don't mind being necrod.

Ah, one thread I don't mind being necrod.


That was amazing...
This makes me want to keep playing my rogue.
We are survivalists, we'll always be survivalists.
This thread doesn't get necroed. It gets resurrected.
The best
This needed a bump
:') oh the tears that this made me shed a while back...I will protect you to priests, my god I will protect you...
11/04/2012 09:05 AMPosted by Quash
The best
Requesting sticky
I was in the middle of making a warlock to replace my rogue. NOPE.

I hope and will try to protect you, priest.
I saw this post mentioned in another thread and figured I'd give it a bump. One of my favorite posts in the rogue forums.
I can swear this thing on my eyes is an allergy

Dammit, I swear
Why don't they sticky this thing already? Any other thread this this much love over this long of a period?
Sticky this thing.

This thread has been on my favorites since wotlk, it deserves a sticky.

New rogues need to know the pain we felt back in Vanilla, and to a lesser extent, TBC.
I remember this thread from Vanilla. I remember my ex-wife, my pocket healing priest, showing it to me. This has helped keep me focused on my rogue, even when we were bottom of the barrel. This is also why I always protect my healers. It's good to smile and think of better times and look forward to hopefully better times still.

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