I think, I could protect you, Rogue

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Wow. Just wow. and it's so true too. "oh, it's just a rogue, he'll be fine on his own..."
I'm glad there are people who look out for us, who notice we look out for them. Thanks for sharing that.
My friend who RAF'd me into this game was a discipline priest before he quit /cry

Also, my best in game friend is a holy priest... huh. Is there some sort of weird bond that somehow naturally occurs between healing priests and rogues? lol
;--; Loved it so much.
;_; You have my dagger, Priest...
Priests is for FREIND. ^_^ <3
Great post. I enjoyed the read. 10/10
New battleground objective. Protecting your priest buddies before others.
;_; You have my dagger, Priest...

And my!.. dagger :P

Amazing story :3
everyone should "like" the OP

also i like that the bad english almost makes it sound like old english poetry

Yeah, I got a similar vibe. The guy used words that most native English speaking people don't. Great post. :)

Its good to know that some healers have our backs. In return I hope Rogues will be looking out for our Priest friends.
I believe rogues are too fragile, more fragile than me, a priest. Like a thorn, it could be very painful when it pricks you but get broken easily.

You can have both my Daggers

Beautiful words. Thank you. :)
As a fellow healer all I can say is.. It's very touching.
;_; You have my dagger, Priest...

And my sword.

An' my axe!
Cool OP, I agree with the old english, it seemed like I was reading a lengthy poem. Very cool, I shared it with one of my best irl friends who is a priest, and always heals me up nice and good like.
Nice story. Shame I'm retiring rogue for priest come cata. Rogue been in semi retirement since playing priest healer for hm 10 and 25 wotlk instances. And rogues dont die usually before the tank ;P

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