Just have some fun in AV

I only bring this up because I was in an AV yesterday where it did become a turtle (accidentally...half the team raced to Van and wiped with no Graveyards) and I started looking forward to a fun murder-fest.

With everyone rezzing at Frostwolf, and all Alliance rezzing at Stonehearth...half of the horde team mindlessly kept trying to ride through to Van...all the way through the approaching 40 Alliance Zerg...they would not dismount, they just rode until they died. Half our team did this for the entire match....we had Snowfall GY and the Alliance had Stonehearth and a one tower advantage. But those awesome honor farmers did not give up on the race.

So yes, we ended up getting slaughtered in the last 3/4 of the match since only half our team was actually fighting back. But I understand Van must die, and quickly...even though we're already at the 20 minute mark and the entire Alliance team is holding up at Stonehearth waiting for you to ride through and offer no resistance!

It's a month until the expansion. I'm sure most people that have been PvPing since 4.0.1 are wearing at least 50% Wrathful now.

So come on now, just sit back and have fun. I don't think getting a couple of extra pieces of Wrathful by December is going to make a huge difference at this point...so why do we keep racing to Van and trying to take him down with 4 Marshals?

Screw it, let's just fight...you know, PvP in a Battleground capable of some insanely fun PvP. I'm sure most of us are here because we love to PvP....if you don't love to PvP then why are you honor farming to begin with...to collect gear you don't really want to use?

Thinking of that survey about the end of Azeroth...if the world was ending, you'd be the people looting and not the people in the world wide 'love fest'.

I don't join a Battleground to avoid PvP.

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