I love the ability but I feel it should be pink rather than green, flowers are supposed to be growing and the whole thing about flowers is they aren't green.
the parts of the plant that supply nourishment (aka life) are green and brown though. and there are little fluttery flowers or leaves of other colors besides green in the air. plus pink would be pretty annoying on the eyes after a while :P

you are correct though, in the fact that efflorescence is the act of a plant flowering. it can only do so by being supported by the nourishing mechanics of plant life, aka chlorophyll, mineral nutrients, water and CO2 ;)
It's leaves. Druids are about leaves. Tree form is...a tree. Plus not all flowers are pink. It's pretty leave it be.
Bright pink is not as pleasant as bright green on the eyes. I vote nay.
I'm rather fond of the green. Not just because it's my favorite color, but like Katlmoo said... Green is easy on the eyes as opposed to pink. :3
Yeah, I agree. Green is better

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