Some Discipline Priest ideas (PvP and PvE)

First of all let me say THANK YOU to the Blizzard dev team for changing PW:B. I advocated that change several weeks ago and I'm glad to see it implemented.

Change this ability to put an absorb shield on the target, rather than a heal, and let that absorb scale with mastery.
Reason: Disc mastery is mostly based around one spell: PW:S, along with Divine Aegis which is a chance proc (barring the PoH change which we won't use too much in PvP). This gives another reliable method of using the mastery. Also, in PvP, Disc mastery is almost completely negated by dispels. This gives another shield that will help with that problem if only to serve as dispel fodder.

Give us a PvP talent that heals us or our shielded targets for a percentage of the absorb amount whenever PW:S or Divine Aegis is dispelled (like a reverse of Warlock UA or the new Shadow Priest mechanic).
Reason: As mentioned earlier, our Mastery is almost completely negated by offensive Dispels in a PvP environment. This will give us some much needed survivability, create an interesting dispel decision for our opponents, and make our mastery at least somewhat useful against Mages, Priests, Shamans, etc.

Make these abilities do something else
Reason: Building up 5 stacks of Evangelism isn't hard, but its not really fun either and the mana gained from Archangel isn't really useful because, in order to get the full effect you usually have to deliberately spam Smite...which of course costs mana.
Alternate ideas:
-lower the stacks to 3 but keep the same maximum effect
-make the stacks lower the CD of Flash Heal or GHeal or Penance, then replace Train of Thought with my "quasi-dispel protection" talent above
-reverse the effects: make Evangelism stack with Heal/PW:S/Penance or some variation, and then make Archangel reduce the cast time of smite by 1 second and/or increase Holy damage done
-make each stack of Evangelism reduce damage taken by 5%

Thanks for reading! Any comments or other ideas are welcome!

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