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The only argument I've seen from Kurunai is semantics, so hopefully I can clear this up. Movement impairing effects are any mechanic that reduces (snares) or stops (roots) movement without causing loss of control of your character. You can argue these semantics all you want, but the fact of the matter is in WoW, stuns are not categorized as movement impairing effects.

Why Dispersion's tooltip is redundant in saying "clears snare and movement impairing effects" I don't know, but stuns still aren't treated as movement impairing effects in the game regardless of whether or not you think they are/should be.

If they were, Hand of Freedom and any other mechanic that removes "movement impairing effects" like Escape Artist would also remove stuns. You and I both know how game changing that would be.
Flame Resistant material = does not allow flames
Flame Retardant material = allows flames, but impairs how fast they can move

Think of stuns as movement resistant abilities, and snares as movement retardant abilities. One does not allow any movement, the other allows it, but in a diminished form.
Which is being unable to move. Which is impairing your ability to move.

Which is a side affect of having your brain bashed in.

We should call death a movement impairing effect too.

I'll admit it. I lol'd IRL.
A stun and a snare / movement impairing effect, are two different things in WoW.

Think of a stun as being knocked out, you can't do anything (this just so happens to include moving).

Think of a snare / movement impairing effect as me putting super glue on your feet, its now hard or impossible to walk, but you're still very aware of whats going on.

Now think of dispersion as an anti adhesive... it can solve the glue problem, but unfortunately it won't wake you up if I've knocked you out (stunned you).

Its not that hard to understand, really.
What about dazed though? It definitely doesn't prevent that, and I'd have thought that counts as a slow.
What about dazed though? It definitely doesn't prevent that, and I'd have thought that counts as a slow.

That's one of a few exceptions I know of, another would be the ice patches on Rimefang in ICC. There are a couple that you can't remove, but I would guess that Blizzard intentionally designed them that way, just like ice block and bubble can't prevent tear gas and some other mechanics.

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