LFD DE potential abuse, pre-emptive fix

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Allow enchanters to get a % of all group DE'd items.
I can see that the OP has put quite a bit of thought into this and has created a very well thought out (and written) post on the subject and I commend him/her for the effort. However, I have a suggestion of my own.

I'm not sure how difficult it would be to change the code on loot rolls or if it's even possible at this point in WoW's lifetime, but perhaps a quasi-weighted roll system could alleviate some of the problems.

What if both a basement and a ceiling were created to the roll system? For example, an enchanter rolling DE on an item would have actually be rolling from 20-100, whereas the non-enchanter rolling DE on the same item would be rolling from 1-80 (The numbers aren't really important, I simply chose these values to illustrate my point). That way the enchanter's chances of winning the roll are increased without drastically changing the system.
The problem doesn't seem to be that non-enchanters are able to acquire materials, but it's the way they acquire them that seems to be creating the issues.

Maybe the solution is to push enchanting more in the direction of tailoring and instead of getting materials from disenchanting, you just find them on mobs like you would normally find cloth, make them white rarity so there is no rolling involved and then give enchanters the ability to convert the raw materials that are dropped into usable resources, akin to how tailoring turns raw cloth into usable bolts. Dust can cost a small amount of materials, essence a bit more, and shards could cost even more.

This removes the entire design feature of needing the disenchant button in dungeons, and puts this illusion of "control" back in the hands of the enchanters.

Step 1:

Leave it the way it already is. It works fine.

My other character is an enchanter, the way it works is fine. Roll for DE if you don't need it, its easy and works.

Its not about the enchanter getting something. Its about everyone taking PART in the excursion for TREASURE getting something while otherwise they'd just be rolling greed.
I don't know about you, but I know I make a pretty decent amount of cash through Enchanting, and still do today. So what if other people in my group are profiting off my profession ... they killed the boss-- they probably earned it. I ain't gonna complain! In most cases, if I do get some mats, I just enchant a vellum and dump it at the auction house. I usually do this on either a Tuesday or Friday, since that's when people like to run raids and get new gear. Hopefully it sells. I've sold enchants like Berserking, Black Magic, and Accuracy at rather reasonable prices and it suits me well.

Personally, I think it just boils down to greed.

I do like some of the suggestions brought out in the OP. Would be nice, however, if there was a more equal distribution of shards, like the old days. Right now, some nutbar in my party could be rigging up that RNG thing and take all the shards to himself without having to roll Need.

I suppose whatever enchanting materials that have been accumulated by the party could be divided out equally and automatically once all the bosses of the instance have been killed, if the enchanter(s) opt in to disenchant various drops AND if non-enchanters opt in for those materials. If, for example, there isn't enough Shards to pass around for everyone, then those who haven't received loot will be favored before those who have. I'd have to get into more detail in how it works in a real world setting, but that's the basic idea I have at the moment.
just put a 1 week cooldown on items won with a need roll before they can be disenchanted or sold to a vendor. 1 week real time - you can be offline or playing other characters, not 1 week played time which would be insane.

Anybody who's willing to hang on to something for a full week just to get the mats from disenchanting it. . . well, OK, go for it guy. Enjoy the inventory clog.
There is no reason whatsoever why Enchanters should not have the ability to price-fix through exclusive control of shards and crystals. They (enchanters) are the ones responsible for the creation of every single shard and crystal ever created, and thus they should have control over the market.

Uhm... Yes there is reason. The price is too high. I mean, why were primal neathers and vortex made BoE or other then to make them more available and therefore drive down the price? Why can you, now, buy Frost Lotus and Arctic Fur with Frozen Orbs?

Alchemists can xmute much cheaper saronite into titanium. Hey! That takes business away from a miner! Alchemists need to keep their fingers in their OWN business! Heck, even Jewlcrafters have their trade :rolleyes: "destroyed" by raw gems being directly sold for JP or Honor.

Enchanters are not special you don't get to "price fix" either.
The ability of alchemists to transmute titanium depends on, you guessed it, the ability of miners to mine saronite and make that available to alchemists. That's still exclusive control.

Point is though, the object is otherwise available with out the need of said professional to consecrate it. Whatever that object is, be it Frost Lotus, Titanium, Fur, Gems, etc the "exclusive" control of it is lost. It's a nerf to said profession.

That, of course, isn't exactly what you are talking about. But, then think again, Enchanting is the only crafting profession that also creates its own mats. Everyone else needs to procure part of their reagents outside of their profession. Blacksmiths either need to buy the mineral bars, be miners, as well, or have an alt. Blizzard is just breaking the monopoly.

It's fine that you disagree with the implementation. Perhaps, instead, maybe dust, shards, and crystals should have been sold directly for JP / Honor. Maybe they might have separated disenchanting from the Enchanting profession. Or, just as well, removed it all together and given it to everyone by making the "de button" the only way to obtain disenchantment mats. And certainly many other possibilities about what could have been done exist or could be thought up.

Blizzard went with this one though. If you ask me, it rather kind of fits that the only profession that has control of both the production (the actual process of applying the enchant) and the gathering of mats needed for said enchantment; is the only profession that (in my words) has to "share" its profession. Or, in your words, loses "exclusive" control of its profession.
This is abusable by all. All BoE items can just be sent to an enchanter to get DEed for profit. Everyone in the end will just need on every item they can.
Say your buddy and you sling crates in a warehouse 5 days a week. Only you only get the pay for mon-thurs. He gets his full week's pay, plus your friday money.
That's fine, because you're still being paid for 4 days work, and he's got a couple of kids that you don't. No-one would complain about that, right?


Either enchanters should be able to opt out of the group disenchant feature (on a per run basis), or everything looted via tradeskill in the instance should be open to a greed roll.
That node you just mined in the dungeon? Greed roll.
Those flowers you just picked? Greed roll.
That dragon you just skinned? Greed roll.
After all, you wouldn't have gotten anything from those without the rest of the group getting you there either.
Say your buddy and you sling crates in a warehouse 5 days a week. Only you only get the pay for mon-thurs. He gets his full week's pay, plus your friday money.

That's a horrible analogy of the situation. Under that same pretense, the old enchanting system basically meant that you would get your 5 days pay, and then you got to decide whether you wanted your buddy to get paid at all, or if you just wanted to keep his share as well.

I stand by my previous scenario where if this is going to continue to be an issue (I don't believe it is, but I like to keep an open mind and try to find common ground) remove disenchanting altogether and make the enchanting drops like cloth, white items that drop from specific types of mobs which require an enchanter to turn into usable product. Problem solved, everyone is happy, except for the people that aren't, who will then flood the forums with their new line of complaints regarding the situation.
Make use of the DE button cost gold to non-enchanters of sufficient skill. Split it amongst enchanters of sufficient skill. Gold cost is the vendor cost of the item.

If you want to use someone's profession, pay them.
As a non-enchanter let me assure you I did not ask for, nor do I care whether items are automatically disenchanted in an instance. I would prefer to roll greed and get cash for any blues I can't use, and send greens to an enchanter friend for "processing". I would guess there are many, many more non-enchanters like myself who think the same way.

Reading so many posts by enchanters stating they have absolutely no problem with needing everything that drops is outright sickening. Thank goodness for friends and guildmates, as I won't be lining the pockets of pug enchanters who would steal a gear upgrade out of petty greed.

Here's hoping more players than ever abandon pugging. It'd be grand to see enchanters stealing exclusively from each other.

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