LFD DE potential abuse, pre-emptive fix

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I have a new 'fix me' suggestion. Make Enchanting like every other profession, and make the gathering part of it it's own profession. Leatherworking has Skinning. Alchemy and Inscription have Herbalism.

Make enchanters level dis-enchanting. That way, at least the next QQ thread or 10 will make some sense.

disenchanting is not a form of gathering. Its like cloth except greens are cloth.
The most non tailors can do with cloth is make a bandaid and vendor it.
Or Ah the cloth.
Only the tailor can that drop everyone can get(cloth) into the matts needed for there profession(the bolts).
Likewise the most non enchanters can can pick up gear and vendor it for gold.
Or they can Ah it .
Like tailors with cloth only enchanters can turn the drop everybody can get(gear) into matts for there profession.

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