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Now, I realize that Blizzard did this a little in Wrath with TOC and Frozen Halls, but I think it'd be interesting to have a more organized max-level 5-man (even if just heroic) progression, with tiered gear possibly a step behind the current normal raiding tier, as a way to keep 5-man content interesting and an alternate way of gearing up for current raid content besides point farming.

At the Dungeons and Raids panel, Blizzard did state that they've learned not to neglect a type of content in a content patch if at all possible, and is planning to release the Abyssal Maw in 4.1. I just hope this is tiered at a higher challenge/gear level than release level 85 dungeons, and that it's not the only 5-man dungeon released with patch content with Cataclysm.
i hope the same also.

I either want them to make multiple 5 mans like ICC 5 mans or make one big BRD esc instance which could be essentially a miniraid with lots of quests and story inside.

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