Enraged Regen.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but shouldn't Enraged regeneration work with Vengeance? It is, after all, listed as an enrage.
Edit: This post was completely wrong. Slaye pointed out my mistake.
Enraged Regen does not consume enrages any longer. And no, Vengeance does not enable it, as it's not a "True" enrage. 'zerker and the Prot Enrage both allow it.
Ah, kk, thanks for the quick reply.
trying to use enraged regen is annoying now, since I can't enrage myself whenever I want as prot anymore. I have to hope on that 20% chance when I dodge or block. I miss whatever that spell was that cost a little hp but enraged us
Just pop Bezerker Rage. Unless you're rage starved constantly, or breaking fears in PvP, it should constantly be up.
oh yeah, i forgot i macrod that into shield block for max uptime for bonus rage

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