[Bug] Exotic Ferocious Dash Bug

Bug Report
I know this has been reported at least on the old forums, but I did a search and didn't see a post regarding this on the new forums outside the hunter class forums, nor is it listed in the known issues. If this is in fact redundant on these forums, feel free to delete/lock.

At present, none of my hunter's exotic ferocious pets are properly learning the dash ability. The talent pane shows the point spent, but the ability does not appear either on my pet's action bar or in the spellbook. I've heard from others that respeccing can solve the problem, but only until the next time your pet is summoned (either by dismissing/calling, or simply by zoning into an instance or another continent).

In my personal tests, no pet type outside of exotic ferocious pets suffer this issue. My devilsaur and Core Hound both failed to learn dash properly, but my Dragonhawk, Silithid, Ravager, Raptor, and Cat all learned dash/dive with no issue.

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