Exotics, dual-spec and active pet slots.

During wotlk this wasn't much of an issue, since exotic pets were mostly useless, BM spec itself wasn't used much outside of PVP, and you didn't need a wide range of pets anyway. Moving forward in cataclysm, it seems hunters are expected to carry a handful of different pets to bring missing buffs/debuffs, especially in 10 man raids. This is cool and all, but it's pretty annoying with a BM dual-spec, since it basically cuts your active pet slots in half if you want to carry pets for both specs with you. It also makes it very difficult to keep your pvp/solo pets on you as a PVEer, since you just won't have enough slots. In the long run it just means a lot of extra running back and forth to town to access the stables, which sort of defeats the purpose of having a dual-spec feature in the first place.

Is there any chance of getting remote stable access back, spec specific active pet slots, or some other solution in the future?
I would think spec-specific active pet slots would make the most sense. If our action bars can change when we switch specs why not our active pets?
Or at least, change Call Stabled Pet to Call Stable Master.

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