Apparently, I'm a bad.

Don't bother clicking on my character portrait, I'm logged out in some pretty fail retribution gear. The problem is that I felt I had to go ret (or prot) in order to find any joy in my paladin, because for all my gear, I can't seem to keep people alive in holy.

I had an average ilvl of 264, so good gear with some heroic pieces but not a stellar gs (5.9k). Back before the patch, I'd holy light spam, and holy shock when on the move, or flash of light if I needed to do a little raid healing. Then 4.0.1 happened, and it kicked my teeth in.

Basically, I recognize that I no longer have the skill necessary to heal on my paladin. I know that things will be different at 85 than they are at 80, but for now I just feel like a failure. I try to time my heals, or use the right heal at the right time, but more often than not, I've got the wrong heal cued up for that massive burst damage.

Honestly, it might just be the loss of the Holy Light splash healing, and the quite frankly baffling beacon nerf. I am fully able to comprehend the reasoning for the nerf, and yet still be able to disagree completely. Oddly enough, I have an easier time healing raids than I do dungeons. Halls of Reflection has become almost impossible to heal because of the Beacon nerf. Because the mobs and the bosses hit so hard, while also dealing out large-ish raid damage, I'm faced with sacrificing a dps in a dungeon where that's just not an option.

But clearly, people can do it. So the only conclusion I can come to, is that I'm a bad.
First step is recognizing problem, hopefully some Holy paladins can help you out.

Chin up buddy.
I suggest rolling priest.
I found them to be the most fun healer class, so very versatile
bleh. deleting post.
Holy paladins, in live, compared to other healers are at the bottom of the totem pole. But i wouldn't worry about this as it will be irrelevant and untrue in cataclysm.

Just last untill Cataclysm and you'll be fine.
Don't worry man I'm in the same boat you are in, I was main spec heals before 4.0. I logged on and was totally lost, I tried to heal a few 5 mans and it went so badly that I was too afraid to even step into a raid. I went from healing 25 and 10 man HM's to not being able to keep up with heroics :(

Since then I dropped my holy spec which at the time was my best geared spec (almost full 264) and I picked up prot / ret. I have no plans to heal at all in cata, but I might give it another go sometime when all the numbers and stuff shake out.

I have been prot for a few weeks now and I am loving it, the new rotation is far better than the old 969, and actually allows you some choice between threat and self heals which I find to be a lot of fun. If you have some prot gear I would throw it on and roll prot until cata hits.

Like Vani said just keep you're chin up, things are crazy right now but once you get used to the new system it will get easier. Holy pallys went from spam bot's to what we have now, the changes were huge and aren't gonna be easy to adjust to.
Hope this isn't a double post my other one didn't show up for me, but anyways

Healing did change a bit, but it wasn't exactly a nerf in anyway. Our healing hasn't gone down, but it did get a little more challenging. Then again, anything is more challenging than spamming HL.

In 5 mans, as long as the tank isn't terrible, and the dps is decent, you can toss beacon on the tank, HS on CD, WoG at 3 holy power, and for burst damage use FoL.

Also, back to the "nerf". We didn't get nerfed, my HPS and healing output stayed the same once I adjusted my game play. Other healers (like druids and Disc priests) output went UP, so that's skewing numbers as far as a healing meter. Ours will go up soon enough as well.

This. However most of the time instead of FoL I use HL only because most tanks in heroics FoL would be an overheal, so for me its like HS>HL (a second one if neccessary or using it on a dps while beacons on the tank)>HS>HL(second as neccessary)>HS>WoG I only use FoL in place of HL when the tanks a bit of a scrub or I had to use HS or WoG to heal up a dps so I'll use a FoL if beacon wasn't enough to keep the tank up. And were usually able to get through a good amount of mobs before WoG is even needed and sometimes I find myself allowing a tanks health to fall low just so I can actually use WoG lol most of the time I'll use it on a dps for a quick heal.
Ive been able to watch TV and text while healing sometimes. The only time I really have to concentrate is in a harder dungeon or if the tank happens to be a scrub.

My only problem is the fact that Divine Light is completely useless which having a useless heal is well useless and i hope something gets done to make me actually ever want to use it. 2 FoL heal the same amount as DL and I can cast 4 FoL before DL even cast lol Also if you happened to have used WoG and HS on the tank and the dps suddenly takes a big hit and gains agro unless FoL makes it in time, the dps is pretty much dead because all your instant spells were already used. Of course this is pretty rare and the timing has to be right but still.
It's just a skill curve, don't worry. When I first played the Beta and tried out a HPaladin I was wondering what the hell was going on as well. Once you get the hang of it though, it's not too bad, and by the time 4.0 hit I had it downpat so I didn't have much trouble.

Personally in my 10 man only guild I seem to do fine healing wise, against Resto Druid / Resto Shaman. I hardly ever use FoL, just spam HL on your BoL whilst using HS on cooldown (whether that is on the tanks or raid members depends on the encounter). WoG at 3 stacks, use the Daybreak procs as soon as possible (always using WoG at 3 Holy Power before using Holy Shock, otherwise you're wasting HP).

I'd urge any other HPaladins out there who are getting frustrated by the Cataclysm changes to stick through it, there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Especially when we receive all of our AoE healing abilities at 85, things will be much easier. At the moment it is, as I said, just a large skill curve.

Oh, and Light of Dawn is practically useless most of the time (except on Lich King, in which case it is amazing). Unless all the planets align there isn't really much point worrying about it - unless your raid healers are really struggling.

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