Enchanters post if you've done this

Have you ever partied with a bunch people (raid or 5 man) with the express reason that they would go into dungeons/Raids(usually lower levels). Then since you aren't even in the dungeon they get the Need v Greed v DE and just DE stuff for mats.

My husband usually does this while I'm sleeping or watching tv and he's bored or farming dungeons for other things.

Does anyone else do this? Do you sell you're time to strangers? Do you help you're guild farm for mats this way?
my brother logs my priest on and adds her to his party while he farms stratholme for the horse. my priest is afk in silvermoon while he is just de'ing with the provided auto de feature. It's kinda nice but the auto de is really a double edged sword as long as im not in control of it.
When friends need to be in a raid to solo ZG, I log on my enchanting mage. Once the raid is formed I log her off and go play whoever I want, but my friend has the raid he or she needs, and can get shards as a bonus.
I "borrowed" my enchanter friends on a regular basis when I was farming Dire Maul, Stratholme and Scholomance for various Insane reputations. I sold the dust/essences to pay for more reputation with other factions and kept the shards to save me from buying them for Shen'dralar Libram turn-ins.

While I farmed, my friend would either idle in a city or go out questing/BGing as normal.
Yes i have done that before on my brothers Druid with Enchanting but i also Farmed Mining and Motes and its hard and i really dont mind Farming For my guild or others on my Realm even tho itsd a lot of work i still Farm so i can buy Enchants & Gems for my Toons but even tho Farming Ore or Enchanting mats like Abyss Chrystals or dust from Jewcrafting its always going to be lot of work no matter how you do it unless you have lot of mats to sell or whatever its still going to be hard on you and your Housband.

For The Horde!!!
-Druidnutz Aka Abombenatioon
My husband uses my enchanter alt to do this. It helped him a lot when completing The Insane title. You need a lot of large brilliant shards. So he took his main into Scholo and Strat with my druid in the party (but sitting in Dal).
Also great to do this for people farming older instances for rep/mounts/vanity sets. The old materials sell pretty nicely.

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