[SUGGESTION] Dispelling

I think that there should be a change to the current dispel mechanics of the priest class.

Dispel Magic: Dispels magic on the target, removing 2 harmful spell from a friend or 2 beneficial spell from an enemy.

Cure Disease: Removes 1 disease from the friendly target.

What I would like to see

Cure: Removes 1 magic and disease effect from the friendly target.

Dispel Magic: Dispels 2 beneficial magic effects from an enemy target.

Priests already have a pretty big toolbox and many spells to bind as it is. Yes this is the same number of spells, but in a PvE situation, very rarely are you dispelling more than 1 magic effect, so dispelling 2 off of a friendly player is unnecessary. Having 1 spell to do your defensive dispels would save the healing priests out there a keybind/frustration. I really think this would be the right thing to do with these spells.

Or how about this?

I think that all healers should be allowed to keep their separate cleansing spells in their spell books, along with the combined one. Then defensive cures could be combined into a single spell but healers would still have the option of using separate, non-combined cures. This would satisfy PvErs while also helping out PvPers. Tying defensive dispel to the other cleanses forces healers to not dispel when they're in bad situations like Aff lock + Rogue beating on them, or Shadow Priest + Rogue eating them alive.
Honestly I'd prefer to keep defensive dispel of 2 magical effects separate from removing diseases.
Hey! Baleet this thread. Didn't you get yelled at enough on the old forum?


Hey! Baleet this thread. Didn't you get yelled at enough on the old forum?


I was wanting a broad array of responses. And yeah, a lot of people like the inconvenience of having 2 different spells to remove normally just 1 ailment in PvE.

I better understand the PvP implications, which is why I linked one of the responses from one of my other threads. Constructive feedback is nice. Saying L2PLAY NUB when the only thing I don't do in this game is PvP.
You do realize the priests on the other forum are also here or visa versa, right? This is on the same site, you know.

I understand you want to discuss this but seriously, nothing will come out of it. Blizzard rarely, if ever, changes something that's been a staple spell for a class just because one spec (or you) don't like how it makes you bind another key.

We've fought Blizzard for major changes that undermined our class and sometimes they listened but mostly we just have to live with it. Their game, their decisions. We just play along.

Still don't see why we need to roll them into one instead of using our eyes and seeing what kind is on them. Not really hard, at all, to differentiate, especially with the huge number of addons that can make it glaringly obvious. Having one button for "LOLHELPMAHFRANDS" and one button for "LOLMAKEBADGUYSBUFFGOAWAY" would be far simpler than is needed.

Might as well ask to have Devouring Plague changed to curing disease when it's used on a friendly target. Just about as stupid.
It wasn't a "stupid" suggestion, or really that far-fetched to suggest. EVERY OTHER HEALER'S dispel mechanic works like this. I'm not saying it's detrimental to my gameplay that I have 2 different spells to remove debuffs from friendly targets.

I was merely making a point that it would be nice if as a healer we could remove one keybind and be in-line with how the other healers dispel stuff.

Also, trading off 1 magic debuff removal for 1 disease removal isn't really a nerf to PvE at all. Most of the magic debuffs that can stack normally get reapplied so often that it's more mana efficient to just heal through it than to dispel it.

I'll say this again. Having to bind 2 buttons isn't detrimental to my playstyle, and I've learned to adapt to it pretty well. I just see all of the other classes able to remove anything they can remove by just using 1 spell. I was merely making a suggestion about what I personally would like to see happen. I mean of all things to homogenize among healers, why not something as simple as a dispel mechanic. Druids got their spells combined with the beta/4.0 release. I seen a discrepancy, and I was merely pointing it out.
It combines the friendly dispel. The main thing that healers HAVE TO HAVE on a convenient keybind. With this change we would be able to move the offensive dispel to something more out of the way since it has very little/situational use for PvE.

Again let me re-emphasize this. This is just an annoyance for PvE. PvPers like the utility of having 2 dispels, I realize that. I was just merely pointing it out from a PvE perspective only.
I think the intent was:
Keep Dispel exactly the same as it is now: Removes two magic debuffs on a friendly target, removes two magic buffs from an enemy target.

Then, add a magic dispel to Cure Disease. That spell would then: Remove one magic and one disease debuff from the friendly target. (Poison from yourself also, if you are Holy).

That wouldn't be a nerf to PvP at all and would make it so PvEers that don't ever offensive dispel (for whatever reason, there are plenty of places to do that) wouldn't need to bind dispel.

All of that said, I have no problem with the way it is now in PvP or PvE. Though I would like to be able to remove poisons or curses :x

Edit: Reread the initial suggestion, and I guess I just assumed this is what he/she meant. The other way is a pretty significant nerf for PvP. Dispelling two things at once is one of the benefits of being a Priest. Also, not being able to remove Devouring Plague because we don't want to also get Vampiric Touch/Unstable Affliction with it would be pretty annoying as well.

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