How much Ram does WoW use

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I have 4 gigs of ram but I am thinking of getting around 7 or 8, will this shorten load times?

I have windows 7 32 bit.
3 gigs max for 32 bit apps
As long as you are running 32-bit Windows, the maximum RAM that will be recognized by your computer is 3GB (just over that if you want to get technical). If you currently have 4GB installed, your computer will tell you that only 3GB is usable. You can see this if you look at Control Panel > System and Security > System.

If you want to use more, you would need to switch to Windows 7 64-bit instead.
2 GB for World of Warcraft unless you do unsupported modifications. 4 GB total addressable RAM for 32-bit versions of Windows.

If you want to reduce load times, get a solid state drive but Windows XP isn't really that awesome with them without some modifications and aligning.
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What does it take for your computer or laptop to run WOW on ultra?
My computer runs mostly on all Ultra with Shadows on low and Sunshafts disabled.

i5-2500k Processor
Raedon HD 6870
128G SSD (for games)
500G HD (OS and such)
Asus H61M-VS Motherboard
12 GB of RAM(Though useless past 3 for WoW)
and 550w Power supply.

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