Blizzard nerfed elemental shamans

you were in no way trolling me and completely serious in your posts.

Don't try to cover up.
lol wtf is goin on XD
lol wtf is goin on XD

Liax creates an obvious joke post.

Bad shaman takes it seriously still and tries to call him a bad player in some petty attempt to look good/cool.

Liax reminds him that it's a joke thread and rags on his lolStamgems and lolHit.

Bad shaman, being a butthurt tartlet, backpedals harder than an S-Keying huntard.

I think that sums it up.
...? Are you on a boat?
I have this problem.
So I never play elemental.
I have this problem.
So I never play elemental.

I will never give up on elemental.

I just gave up on LS/ES and now spam earthquake in between LvB CDs.
Bad troll is bad.
Bad shaman is even worse.

You obviously don't understand what this post was about. I'll Explain:
He thinks Lightning Shield needs a fix to allow us to keep the higher stack instead of replacing the higher stack with a 3 stack.
He just went beyond what he needed to say and express himself. The key to these posts is to find what they are talking about and just realize that the other stuff is filler so they feel relieved to get this out of their mind and on the forums.
you were in no way trolling me and completely serious in your posts.

Don't try to cover up.

oh em gee you read minds! Powerful fish you are! Must be a 500lb halibut or some super sea bass with lazers on its head!
It is true! You may not know it but they have!

Pre-4.01 we did not use lightning shield for dps. We used water shield. It was a happy time. A time filled with water shield spamming. A time when we could use water shield every other spell without a care in the world.

But then they made lightning shield the shield to use. What is so bad about this you non-elemental shamans may ask? It is dps now yes? WRONG! Blizzard knows every shaman and their mother can't stop spamming their shield button. You are addicted at first cast. With the way fulmination works refreshing lightning shield resets the stack! Every other cast I am refreshing lightning shield. Every time I move I cast lightning shield. If I have to rocket boost away from someone/something...I refresh my shield at least 3 times.

I have not met a shaman yet capable of getting to 9 stacks of lightning shield as elemental.

We are doomed. Forever to compete with tank dps.

brb rerolling rouge.

totally worthless post.
Glad to have you back Liax
...? Are you on a boat?

no i'm on a horse.... and that sentry totem you loved so much its now fake plastic diamonds
Glad to have you back Liax

You have no idea how badly I missed the forums. T.T
never gonna give you up
never gonna let you down
never gonna turn around, and..
Oh how I have missed reading a Liax thread!
I had to move water/lighting shield off my primary bar just for this reason alone. spam refreshing it was 1/2 the fun!
Lol if u havent figured out that you have to spam Lightning bolt+Chain lightning to get your stacks of lightning shield to 9 and then use earth shock to do massive dammage then we got a problem.
>my face when people don't realize Liax is being Liax
>people trying to call Liax a troll

It's okay, brah, I still love you. Even if you are !###ing terrible. <3

El oh el.

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