Divine Light: Whats your opinion Holy Pally's

Do you use Divine Light?

I've heard a lot of mixed opinions on Divine Light. I want to keep results on this, so in your post answer this question: Do you use Divine Light? (Y/N) - If yes, do you think it's a good skill or do you still believe it needs a change?

The reason I want to do this is if the results show most Holy Pally's feel its useless or don't even use it, maybe blizz will acknowledge that a change should be made.

Yes I use it and like it: 0

No I don't use it: 2

Yes - but think it still needs a change: 0

If you want to elaborate more please do, give reasons why you use it or why you dont. Some ideas to go off of:
Do you like it? Is it useless? Does it need a change?

I took a look at some things to draw my opinion:

I did a little test:
With 22.5k of mana starting at full,

I could cast 26 FoL straight until oom
I could cast 22 DL straight until oom

So in terms of mana use their actually pretty close in this test at least. Though you can say that 4 heals can make a big difference in a fight.

Now lets look at some other stats:
2 FoL basically = 1 Divine Light (not counting crits)

Divine Light On average for me with my gear heals 17k each time
Flash of Light on average for me with my gear heals 10-11k each time.

Flash of Light - Fast cast time semi-big heal

Divine Light - slow but big heal

My Opinion:
I never use Divine Light honestly. With 2 FoL healing for the same amount as Divine Light i just don't see the use especially with the longer cast time. I don't know about anyone else but if my tanks below half health and he's still losing it fast I can't afford to wait for a Divine Light, I'd have more luck using FoL, a HS and WoG if its up to heal the tank then waiting on Divine Light.
The amount it heals is useful and nice but the slow cast time really is the deal breaker for me, but of course this is just my opinion.
I just find myself going to FoL rather then Divine Light each time.

So my Answer is : No.
I don't use it. Never needed to. Its a longer cast, higher mana version of FoL. Its a bit stronger, but in emergency situations it is far better to use HS, WoG and FoL to bring someone up.
I hardly ever have to use it with the exception of raids. It's a nice heal, it's just very situational. The tooltip says that it's best used when the target is taking a lot of consistent damage.

I don't use it. Never needed to. Its a longer cast, higher mana version of FoL. Its a bit stronger, but in emergency situations it is far better to use HS, WoG and FoL to bring someone up.

I agree with this. If I really need to bring someone up then I just use HS, WoG and FoL. Divine light is too long of a cast for when someone is taking a lot of damage. There's no point to using it when you can just use HS, WoG, and FoL for more than you would have healed with DL anyway.

In a raiding situation when the tank is getting hit really hard and I have another healer, then divine light is fine. It's kind of like the backbone heal in that situation. But other than that I just really don't use it at all.
Its scaling/usefulness will be more apparent in the long run (ie, at 85). It just sucks now, while everyone is 80 and has a third of the health and the spell at a third of its potential.
Blizzard is not going to make a change to Divine Light at level 80. The reason is that at level 85 the mana efficiency of divine light over Flash of Light is important, even if flash of light does more hps. Divine Light is part of the trio of spells that every healer has (small, large and fast).

Also with more spells to choose from means that they all also have their place. Just because you don't spam Divine Light all the time doesn't mean it isn't useful.
Divine Light's usefulness will be a lot more apparent once we're doing dungeons/raids in Cata. Right now, it's not really necessary for healing stuff like ICC. I tend to use FoL a bit more than I probably should, but thats only because right now mana is pretty much a non-issue.
in cata from 81-85 efficiency is going to matter a lot more. FoL costs 27% base mana, while DL costs 30%.
So your FoL has around 370 healing per base mana, while DL has around 560 healing per base mana.

FoL and DL shouldn't be in direct competition. One is an emergency high hps low hpm spell another is slow casting high hps high hpm. Assuming blizzard hasn't dropped the ball on scaling to 85 and through all the tiers DL/HL will be your go to casted spells and FoL will be used to keep someone from dying.
Of course it's useless now but that's because the level 80 raiding style has no use for DL nor was it designed with DL in mind. Coupled with the large mana pools and FoL's small cost, you can easily just spam FoL. This will change in 85 where your mana pool doubles but the cost of FoL is something like seven times larger than it is now.

I used DL a lot on beta, especially on initial contact of a trash group while mob CC was sorted. In that situation, if you only used FoL you'd go oom but if you only used HL, the tank will die. DL is purposefully slow so as to pace out your heals allowing them to be more effective as opposed to just being overhealing while it's cost is to stop you spamming it and ignoring HL. If the tank is continuing to lose health, that is when you FoL as that is its designed intention.
I'll wait to see how it pans out at level 85, but for now... I never see a time for its benefit. FoL, while slightly more costly, provides higher HPS. Why then, in heavy burst situations, would I not use FoL? I can't imagine the mana game changing THAT much come 85, so I still see very few situations where DL will be useful. Currently, the only time I tend to use DL is when I have wings popped.
With Holy Shock currently healing for less then Holy Light on beta, Divine Light will be the new Holy Light. Even then, with level 85 bandages being more HPS then level 85 holy light until you get some serious gear, if at all. I'm talking 8000 spellpower Holy Lights still being sub par to bandages.

Holy Shock will still be used, but its looking to be a lot more like 3.x holy light, where its a good instant heal, but lack lustre elsewhere. This makes Holy Light and Holy Shock almost the same HPM, but with both being basically 1/2 the HPS of Divine Light and Flash of Light. If you don't take Crusade, Holy Light becomes almost the same HPS as Holy Shock, but is also more efficient!

If this was not some bug that slipped through, we will probably be doing nothing more then DL:DL:LoD for challenging content, and DL:DL:WoG if somehow only 1-2 people are hurt.
You'll use it in Cataclysm. I've tested most of the new raids and I often use both. Sure, two FoLs equal the throughput of Divine Light, but they are also double the mana cost. In Cata raids, FoL tends to be a triage spell, something you use when you see someone's health dipping low very quickly. If you're filling in a big chunk of lost health in a relatively "safe" moment, Divine Light wins on mana efficiency.

Knowing how and when to use each spell in Cataclysm will separate the good healers from the bad. You will not be able to follow simple logic like "Two FoLs are better than a DL" as each spell should be used in the right situation. Healing dynamics are different in Cataclysm, people have huge health pools, and your mana erodes quickly if you are inefficient.
Shouldn't FoL primarily be an emergency heal? Sure it casts quick and heals for a lot, but your hps is gonna do down a bit when you're oom. Your spells use up your mana significantly faster than they do now @ the person who doesn't think its going to change much.
I have not played the Beta but at 80 I find if the right procs hit and the stars all align correctly I can get a reasonably fast Divine Light out (1.4 sec) which makes it worthwhile. Otherwise I avoid using it because FoL is still king at 80 and I have more than enough mana to spam it.

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