Do Worgen/goblin DKs make sense?

Death Knight
I'd like to see a Shadow Paladin (Undead Pally) mmmhmmm.
I think they went with Tauren Paly just so they could say "Holy Cow".
i was thinking same thing, i think blizzard should introduce new hero class for worgen and goblins race.
Makes about as much sense as:

Gnome Warrior
Tauren Paladin
Troll Druid
Blood Elves not being able to be warriors but able to be paladins. (they must have not have had enough rage until now)

In all reality The only races that should be dks in large quantities according to warcraft III lore are humans and blood elves. Lordaeron was the only area hit hard by the undead.

So long story short: Blizzard does whatever the f**k they feel like.

The flufflore handwaved Blood Elf Warriors by saying that they all became Paladins.

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