Xayton's Tank Guide - Ehh kinda updated

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***All stuff taken from previous posts from various people from various places, myself included.***

As I have said many times before I am not going to take credit for something I didn't do myself. Credit goes to the people at Maintankadin. This is why I provide links and say "Taken from Maintankadin" and have "***All stuff taken from previous posts from various people from various places, myself included.***"
The purpose of the sticky is to provide answers to all the frequent questions that pop on the forum, in a nice easy place to find instead of having to search. I provide links where I got all the info. I just wanted to clear that up so you don't assume I am the one coming up with all of this.

    **Don't blindly lead yourself. Take the time to learn about your class. Learn why you should be gemming with X gems, enchanting with Y enchants, and specing Z. It will give you a better understanding of how things work and in the long run make you a better tank.**




Some talents will change depending on fight mechanics.

My Spec;


Spec notes;

Tier 1:
All have pluses and minuses. Take which ever you like more.

Tier 2:
What ever floats your boat really.

Tier 3:
Sacred Shield is your go to here. It is better to prevent damage then to heal it. Also no HoPo = good.

Tier 4:
Unbreakable Spirit will be your overall go to. Hand of Purity should be used on a per boss basis depending on mechanics.

Tier 5:
Holy Avenger = Max survivability.
Sanctified Wrath = Max DPS
Divine Purpose = Okay

Tier 6:
Execution Sentence = Max DPS
Holy Prism = Max DPS for AoE
Light's Hammer = Good raid cooldown


For a single-target DPS configuration, the recommendation is:
  • Alabaster Shield
  • Focused Shield
  • Final Wrath
  • -

    Glyph Notes:
  • Harsh Words is a DPS increase if and only if you are off-tanking or don't have Alabaster Shield glyphed.
  • For more AoE fights it may be a good idea to swap Focused Shield to Double Jeopardy. Just make sure you are changing targets for your second Judgement.
  • Divine Protection is a good swap for Final Wrath if you want a another physical damage reduction CD.
  • Single Target:

    There really isn't a hard and fast rotation anymore per se. Meaning there is no 9393 sort of stuff.


    CS - Crusader Strike
    J - Judgement
    AS - Avenging Shield
    Cons - Consecration
    L90 - Level 90 talent
    AS+ - Grand Crusader Proc
    HW - Holy Wrath
    ShoR - Shield of the Righteous (bite me it's an old habit)
    ^WB - Weakened Blows
    ^SS - Sacred Shield
    ES - Execution Sentence
    HotR - Hammer of the Righteous


    If the fight has a strict DPS requirement you should use the Max DPS priority. Otherwise using the Highest survivability + DPS priority is your go too.

    Optimal HoPo Gen + DPS:
    CS > J > AS+ > Cons > L90 > AS > HW > ShoR

    Max DPS (doesn't worry about optimal HoPo gen)
    CS > J > Cons > ES > AS > HW > ShoR

    Highest survivability + DPS:
    ^WB > CS > J > AS+ > Cons > ^SS > HW > ShoR
    Try to refresh Sacred Shield at it's last tick or so. Aim for 80 - 90% uptime.



    Switch to Seal of Righteousness.
    Use AS, Cons, HW, and HotR in some sort of logical way and you will be fine.


    Overall you should always be using Seal of Truth. If you need to worry about AoE situations switch to Seal of Righteousness.

    There is somewhat of a caveat to Seal of Truth though. If DPS in a fight is ABSOLUTELY, 500%, without a shadow of a doubt, not an issue. OR if you again ABSOLUTELY, 500%, without a shadow of a doubt need a little extra healing, using Seal of Insight may be a good idea.


    Macro to increase your max Camera distance
    /script SetCVar("cameraDistanceMax",50)

    Divine Shield Cancel Macro
    /cancelaura Divine Shield
    /cast Divine Shield

    Parry to Dodge ratio
    /run d=GetDodgeChance() p=235.5*d/65.631440-((235.5/65.631440)*5.01-3.76) DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("Ideal parry for current dodge: "..string.format("%.2f",p))

    Very Highly Recommended
    PowerAura's - Great for tracking Holy Power, Procs, Cooldowns.

    Tidy Plates + Threat Plates - Allows you to easily see what mobs you have aggro one while AoEing.

    Highly Recommended
    Skada - A lighter version of Recount that also covers Threat. Why use Omen + Recount when you can use one addon for both.

    Deadly Boss Mods (Or some boss mod) - If you don't know why you need this....

    Omen - Threat meter...rather self explanatory.

    Recount - Damage meter. Plain and simple.

    Fun Stuff
    Vengeance Status - Lets you see how much AP you are getting from Vengeance, without having to open up your character page.

    Acheron - A death log...plain and simple.

    EavesDrop - A much easier to read combat log. If you have a death log like Archeron you have a less of a use for this.
    Place holder.

    Place holder.

    Change log.

    Excellent guide, make sure to Like all of the posts!

    Dont tell me they deleted the entire old guide?

    Dont tell me they deleted the entire old guide?

    They couldn't give me an exact reason as to why the OP was deleted. They just chalked it up to a new forum/site and just some confusion. They told me I was free to start a new topic and have the old one deleted. So I asked them to delete it.
    You should probably mention for AoE of 4-6 mobs that you should always use AS (unglpyhed) on Grand Crusader procs if you've picked up that talent.
    This should be stickied.
    Cheesus, this new forum is gonna take some getting used to. Can we report for stickies still? I didn't wanna click on "report" and have it just report the post. D:
    Whoa, Carerra's avatar looks weird now.

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