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This has probably been answered a hundred times before, but: What will JP get you at lvl85? I've been getting mixed answers from guildies, so I thought I'd ask here.
Justice Points will get you gear from the previous tier of content. Valor Points will get you gear from the current tier.

So, when Cataclysm drops, Tier 11 raids will be current content, and the heroic 5-mans will be "previous content". So your JP will buy gear that is sufficient to get you into raids.

From being on the beta, I know that questing and dungeons will end up replacing much of your gear by the time that you hit 85. Some of that gear won't be more than level 300 gear, meaning that you may have to flesh out your armor (so to speak). For instance, I need to buy a helm and some gloves to replace some early greens.

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