@ Monday

I haven't spent any JP since 4.0.1 launched. On any alt. Daddy needs his 346 gear when he dings 85.


Yeah, that was crazy, now I just need my Redskins to beat up on the Eagles tonight :)
I don't think Vick and the Eagles will let that happen. There seems to be too much in-house friction with the Redskins (much like the Vikings (fire Childress) and before this week the Cowboys) for them to really come together as well as they can to beat the Eagles. We'll see though.

I am $5 richer with the Pats crushing the Steelers, though. My brother is a sucker.

Also, again, WOO COWBOYS.
I should probably start hoarding up some JP on Onyx for 85. I'm having way too much fun running randoms on my Warlock though. Plus it gives other people in the guild a chance to tank, so that's good. I did start working on Netherwing over the weekend, with the goal of being done by 12/7. I know I did it on my druid in about 2 weeks last summer while I was laid off. I think I can get Onyx through everything that quickly with a little egg luck (averaging 3 found per day so far.)
I really should get around to finishing Netherwing.
When you guys say LoL are you referring to League of Legends? I just watched some video from that game it seems like it could be pretty badass, if it's completely free.
I should stop doing IoC during the holiday weekend. People don't seem to understand how it works.
If I downloaded that @##% at work i would never get anything done. Going with my best judgment here, nothing beyond yahoo dominoes at work for this guy!
I have never played LoL.

And the router in the office died out. Luckily, I had a giant cat5 cable in my truck and I'm the only one in the office, but it looks like I'm gonna have to go out and buy a new one.

I need one for home anyways, I guess it's a good excuse.

Also, looks like 4.0.3 is coming out tomorrow. It won't have the Shattering, but hopefully we'll see free Bloodsurge Slams plus the 2pc change (just so people will shut up about it).
LoL is basically DotA, if you've ever played that.

If you guys want to hit me up for some matches, my IGN is tentaclehentai. I won't be around for the next couple of days (holiday), but when I'm around/on I'd totally be up for matches with dudes from the warrior forums.

For those of you that do want to play/have never played: There is in-game battle training. It's basically a demo match vs. A.I. bots that teaches you how to play, gives you points, and gives you XP(both for your in-game level and playing the game).

The game is completely free; However, you can pay money to unlock heroes/skins, or you can grind them out. It takes about 2-3 days of grinding to unlock a hero, more if you win streak.

For those of you who like how your warrior plays: Try Garen. He's pretty strong, and he's basically and arms warrior. People are afraid of him because he's 'OP', but they're just stupid and stand in his bladestorm. :(


yeah, I hate trynd for that reason. I don't like packing cleanse, so my pubstomp heroes are usually Garen/Nunu/Rammus/Mord/Malphite.

Garen is my pref. hero, with the commando skin.
She's kinda crazy if you build her real bursty.

Lichbane/Madred's Bloodrazor and cooldown reduction make her Q skill frightening. I've seen her one-shot frail DPS with it.
LoL, like DoTA, is best with at least three people who know/play regularly with each other.

If you think teamwork is important in arenas, League takes that to the next level.

I solo queue for ranked and normal because no one I know likes to play. :(

We do still play DotA on garena, but people ragequit too much on that(although they do that on LoL too).

I'm wondering if i can hit 1500 ranked with solo queue. Currently only getting 20-25 points a win, which is sort-of frustrating.

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