Druid tanks are far to fun now :(

I had cata ALL planned out.
I was gonna transfer this druid trollside.
And name him boomzilla

But...they buffed the fun quotient of bearform! There's more trickery now! Pulverize is cool! Mastery is FUN! Troll bears have tusks..and are neon.

TL:DR Blizz, by making bear tanks interestings, and giving me more buttons to push than maul and swipe, you've made it hard for me to choose a good name for my troll druid, and you're making me confused.
I'm staying Boomkin, pew pew is always more fun.
Well, to be fair, atm...everyone at the college I go to is looking to all server/faction transfer to the same server, and it's looking like the inevitable uberguild is going to consist of roughly 60 dps, 15 healers, and 3 tanks.
They can use more tanks.
I can use more "looking like a goddamn cross between a bear, a baseball crazy, and some sort of rocker" :P
I know what you mean tho, it sucks that the Moonkin form didn't get an updated look. By looks alone I'm tempted to try feral as well. The cool thing is once you get bored with how your cat/bear looks all you need to do is get a hair dye.. As a boomkin druid you're stuck with one of the ugliest npcs ever, as a form.
eh. give em a year, we'll get hawt neon moonkin crazy then
I leveled as feral and it was a blast, I've been a bear tank since northrend. Definitely my favorite druid spec.

My druid has two feral specs and I'm proud of it. ^-^
Why choose? Feral Tank/Boomkin all the way.
druid tanking is fun, but feral dps is sooo much better in my opinion. plus, i can easily tank wotlk heroics in cat spec with mostly cat gear (trinkets/neck are replaced for extra stam)

kitteh/resto is the way to go
Get duel spec, make Balance main and Bear OS, so you will always have both at your disposal?

Work on both if possible?
Why choose? Feral Tank/Boomkin all the way.

Definitely will be my way to go too.
feral/feral all the way. those other talent trees are for jokers.

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