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Hey there,

In case some of you were not aware, at this year's BlizzCon there was a lot of discussion about making the Alliance "cooler" and coming up with a battlecry to rival "For the Horde!", "Lok'tar Ogar!", and "Blood and Thunder!"...all of which are pretty awesome. Alliance pride is something that has been sorely lacking in WoW for some time now for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that the developers themselves have assisted in perpetuating a culture that has fostered the growth of a very strong Horde identity while leaving the Alliance to lag somewhat further behind. Despite this, many are now heartened to at least see that the issue is recognized by the devs and is something they are working on.

It is also a problem that I myself have given a not inconsiderable amount of time contemplating, as my main is Alliance-side. So, after much deliberation, I'd like to add some humbly submitted solutions to this issue:

As I see it, we really have two central problems to figure out to make the Alliance "cool" again.

1) The "Alliance" is really just an amalgamation of six separate races with no central unifying theme. This of course, stands in sharp contrast to the Horde, who really only have the Forsaken clinging on to the outskirts of fitting in at this point...which is probably intended (and brilliant, in my opinion, as the move towards the race becoming full fledged antagonists is a good one for the story). This disconnect is particularly true concerning both of the Alliance's most recent additions, the Draenei and the Kingdom of Gilneas.

2) Although the Alliance has numerous completely badass lore characters, very few of them are implemented in such a way as to inspire a sense of intense faction pride. In fact, many of them have been shifted to "neutral" status (Khadgar, Rhonin, possibly Malfurion), while others lie totally unused (Danath, Turalyon), their immense potential wasted. Of the Alliance heroes who are featured, only Varian is done so to a level that really befits the faction (and I really applaud Blizzard here, as his character IS very well written). Contrast this again with the Horde who have Thrall, Varok Saurfang, Vol'jin, Sylvanus, etc. The first two in particular have been fleshed out to a degree that virtually no one on the Alliance can even compare with (again, save Varian).

So, now that the two main problems have been to go about fixing them? Well, let's take one at a time...

To tackle the issue of consolidating the Alliance as a whole and give it the feeling of "WE" it currently lacks I suggest the following very important changes:

A) Remove The Exodar as a faction capital. Why? Well, it sucks for one. Completely empty at nearly all times save for newly rolled Draenei, and it also suffers from a poor layout and being annoyingly separated from the rest of the world.

You can accomplish this by making the Draenei 1-20 experience on the Azuremyst and Bloodmyst isles exactly the same as how the first part of the Goblin leveling experience goes. After finishing the final quest and leaving, you cannot return. This change can be explained via the Cataclysm having devastated the islands to such a degree that the Draenei were forced to relocate.

In doing so you instantly solve a number of problems. First, it updates the horribly outdated backstory for the race. Second, by doing so you can now move the bulk of the Draenei to Stormwind (though you can put contingents of them in every capital) which integrates them more fully into the Alliance fold. In fact, I hear the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind is recently in need of a new there really ANYONE better to assume this mantle than Velen? This match fits so well it's literally begging to be done. Not to mention that the Draenei Vindicators would mesh perfectly well in the headquarters of the faction's other Paladin races. Tying in the race under the Alliance banner in this fashion gels in every possible way, rectifying the serious problem of how to better involve the Draenei and make us care about them again.

B) By removing The Exodar you have now cleared the way for a new faction capital...and hey, whattaya know?!? We have this flipping cool as all hell shiny new city you just created! One that just so happens to be criminally underused past the Worgen initial leveling zone...I'm talking about Gilneas of course.

Currently, the Worgen storyline is just completely underwhelming for Alliance characters. In fact, unless you level a Horde toon as well, you don't even get to see how the entire story plays out. And even then, the footprint the Worgen citizens of Gilneas leave on the Alliance after the initial leveling experience is just sadly understated. Fix this by utilizing Gilneas City as a true faction capital. By doing so you give the Worgen the proper place they deserve and not just a few little enclaves scattered amongst Azeroth. Also, do not underestimate the "cool" factor the old human Kingdoms have in the hearts of many Alliance players. I assure you that this would be very well received indeed.

I do realize the problem of a city's placement so near to a vital Horde leveling zone. Fortunately, this is a problem easily solved. By making the Greymane Wall a true and constant divider between the besieging Forsaken and defending Alliance, requiring that the repaired gates remain closed off to ensure the safety of the city. The only way in and out of the zone for Alliance would be by sea or air. New Worgen characters would simply utilize the zone's current phasing so that the city would not become a true capital until their leveling experience played out in full.

Both of these changes would go a good sight towards changing the dynamic of the Alliance itself.

Now, as to how to better implement some of the Alliance's heroes, I can start by offering one strong solution immediately...

Bring back Danath Trollbane and initiate the reclamation of Stromgarde.

I can think of very few things which would incite more feelings of Alliance pride than this act. For one, Stromgarde sits on the site of the very cradle of human civilization. Secondly, the loss of so much of the northern Eastern Kingdoms was a huge blow to Alliance morale. Other than Aerie Peak and the very small Chillwind Camp and Refuge Pointe, the Alliance has ZERO presence north of the Wetlands. The Forsaken totally dominate every other zone of the former Kingdom of Lordaeron (which is totally cool, and I think adds interesting intrigue as they will almost inevitably clash with Tirion's burgeoning Argent Crusade). They've won victories in Hillsbrad and Andorhal already...they don't need Arathi as well.

In fact, their push there is EXACTLY the impetus Danath needs to return and inject some much needed Alliance badassery into the mix. He can return to fulfill his promise to restore his homeland, starting with the build-up at Refuge, moving on to combating the threats in the western half of the zone with Hammerfall as well as the nearby ogres and trolls, and finally pushing on and taking Stromgarde back from the Syndicate (whose time to move on has come, honestly) and the ogres. And then right when it seems as if we are victorious...culminate in an epic battle with attacking Forsaken forces led by none other than his nephew Galen, now raised undead by Sylvanus. Again accomplished through heavy phasing, the end result of this zone would be a rebuilding Stromgarde, with Thorin's Wall now a hotly contested battleground between the two factions. And it is always good to put more war back into WarCraft.

I can see the whole questline played out in my head. With the suitably stirring leadership of Danath, encouraging players to gather forces from all of the faction's member states for aid in his noble endeavor. Shouting, "Hold the line, whatever comes!" and "This is OUR land! We will not give it up again!" during the final battle with Galen's troops. And then extolling us in victory with a mighty cry of "Glory to the Alliance!"... I cannot imagine any Alliance player that would not swell up immediately with pride.

That is just a single possibility, albeit one I strongly think should be implemented as soon as 4.1 or 4.2 if possible. I have more ideas for other heroes, including Alleria and Turalyon among others, but that is enough for now.

If any of this was done I believe we'd have gone a long way towards making Aliiance "cool" again...what do you have to say on the topic?
Or we could just give you guys an Ainhin NPC.
If you already play Alliance chances are very high that you find the faction cool, or at least cooler than the Horde already. It's more about YOU, the players, getting over this plague of self-pity you've all apparently wrapped yourself up in. Get over it and focus on the good stuff in the name of fun, like the Horde have done with Thrall.

The Alliance does lots of cool and awesome stuff (Redridge), but from the forums you'd think Andorhal, Southshore, and Ashenvale make up the entire expansion.

Not to dismiss the OP or anything. They're good ideas, but just not that necessary.

Removing the Exodar seems woefully unnecessary to me.

Plus y'know, there -are- people who like it.
Well, you don't necessarily have to remove I could leave it in game, but only as a relic of the past that is sparsely populated and not a faction capital.
There are no people who like the Exodar. Even if a few did, they'd find that it's completely irrational to use it because of how separated it is from the rest of the world. The Exodar is an atrocity.
I like the Exodar precisely because it's empty. The layout is amazing and efficient. The bank and AH are located in the center, and it's easy to go from one trainer to another. And most importantly, it's completely lag free.

As far as the "pity blanket" Alliance have wrapped themselves around in, much of it came from the initial (and incomplete) information players got when the NDA was first lifted. Basically, Wetlands was lost, Ashenvale was lost, the Alliance lost the Battle of Alterac Valley, Hillsbrad Foothills were lost, Andorhol was lost, Westfall seemed lost to the Defias, Gilnaes's capital city was a friggin BG, etc...

Since then, much more information has been released that allows us to paint a much better picture of the situation and very few places that were initially seen as a loss are still a loss - Andorhol and Hillsbrad. Everything else is a win or stalemate. People just haven't had the time to digest the new information and it hasn't spread around as much.
There are no people who like the Exodar. Even if a few did, they'd find that it's completely irrational to use it because of how separated it is from the rest of the world. The Exodar is an atrocity.

How so? I like the Exodar cause it's empty, it's freaking beautiful from an art design, and it just feels MASSIVE, the thing doesn't just feel like a city it feels downright otherworldly, I haven't leveled an Alliance Character past 30 so I can't really vouch for much but when I was in the Exodar things were quick, easy, and efficient.

Removing the city isn't the answer, -maybe- update it to reflect repairs.
I love the Exodar. It's my favorite city.

And honestly the Alliance just inherently lacks a "cool" factor due to the genre more than anything in-game.

Well except for the draenei who are inherently badass.
We need gutbusters.

^^ Case closed right there.
There are no people who like Darnassus. Even if a few did, they'd find that it's completely irrational to use it because of how separated it is from the rest of the world. Darnassus is an atrocity.

I'm all for the sacrifice the exodar in order to gain gilneas idea, and the stromgarde idea as well. Blizzard Entertainment, please seriously look at this suggestion and weigh the pros and cons of undergoing this project, you would make the alliance VERY happy. GLORY TO THE ALLIANCE!
Don't necessarily need to get rid of Exodar, though I do think relocating it might be more beneficial. It's a gigantic floating fortress that has crash landed. By now they should have made a -lot- of headway into repairing it. I'd rather see the Exodar flying somewhere, and at the same time lose it's capital city functions and be relegated to the same kind of city of the Echo Isles for the Trolls, or Bilgewater Harbor for the Goblins.

As for where to put it, I'd say near the Plaguelands. Lorewise it allows them to keep an eye on the Blood Elves and get in the good graces of the Argent Crusade, and both cultures being light-loving, should work. It'd also give Alliance players a better reason to go up there. I mean, isn't that part of the expansion? To make a reasonable level-zone flow?
Well, you don't necessarily have to remove I could leave it in game, but only as a relic of the past that is sparsely populated and not a faction capital.

Or, better yet, we could have both the Exodar and Gilneas City as capitals. Along with Stormwind, Ironforge, Darnassus, and Gnomeregan. The more the merrier.

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