I THOUGHT blues confirmed Crossfire support.

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I thought that over the past few months, blue posts had confirmed that WoW does indeed make use of crossfire.

So can someone please explain what is going on here:

What's with the backward scaling? My future gaming rig involves 6870 crossfire but according to this, I'm going to have to keep disabling one of the cards to get a boost in FPS. Really?
Hi there. That was posted a day before Catalyst 10.10 was released, and since then there have been five hotfix drivers. You can find information on the 10.10e hotfix driver in the stickied post regarding it. Catalyst 10.10 (WHQL logo'd) is available here:


Also, be sure to download the "ATI Catalyst Application Profiles" from that page. The latest profiles include DX11 WoW support. Using DX11 and CrossFire gives me pretty good scaling on my Radeon 5970. :)

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