[Alliance Moon Guard] Merchants of Azeroth

Guild Recruitment
The demand for war supplies is rising, yet the supply is too low to meet the demand, merchants are taking advantage of this and trying to get money. One of them is The Merchants of Azeroth. Formed by a former military commander, they know what the military needs. The group is small but they are ready to take over the economy.

We have different jobs for those willing to join:

Sailors: We need someone to send the goods to Kalimdor, Northrend, and Eastern Kingdoms when we are large enough.

Guards: We need someone who can guard our travelling merchants.

Merchant: How are we going to make a profit without someone selling something!?

Explorer: We need to know where supplies are and where potential customers are.

Travelling Merchant: When we are short on merchants, the travelling merchant goes to cities who don't have a store under our ownership yet.

We will sell everything possible. Gained from auction, enemies, other merchants, created by us, or found in treasure or something.

((We are, obviously, a merchant guild. We need you to be atleast a medium roleplayer and be active. No guild formed raids unless there is an enemy with a highly valuable item that they drop. Roleplaying events will be formed at the request of members or when I think of something cool.

We will not tolerate having trolls in the guild. If you find one in the guild, tell me or an officer, please.))

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