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Tears of the Phoenix is recruiting.

Ysera - PvE Eastern
Tears of the Phoenix

Tears of the Phoenix is an adult guild looking to raid in a friendly mature environment. We have a modest raid schedule and seek to make the most of our raid time without compromising the atmosphere. Our average age is around 30+; we have zero tolerance for epeens, the immature, and the obscene.

We are a guild of adults with jobs, families, and RL responsibilities. That influences our approach on many things. We are not hardcore. We have no desire for the environment that tends to foster. Raiders have expectations, but they are tempered with the knowledge that raiding is only part of the larger picture. Guild "fit" is the most important element. We love our environment. It feels like family and we want to continue with what we have. People that don't fit, won't ever fit. No amount of raiding ability can overcome that.

If your goal is strictly progression and 'phat lewtz', you won't be happy in TotP. If your goal is to find a home where you can overcome obstacles as a guild, we might be for you.

Raiding is an important part of TotP. Raiders are held to a higher standard and expected to do more than the average member. They must show up on time and prepared for raid nights. They are expected to have raid friendly specs, constantly improve their abilities, and rise to the challenges that the current content presents.

Raiders are expected to challenge themselves towards improvement. While progression is not the only goal in TotP, consistent sub-par performance by a raider is unacceptable. Raiders struggling with the expectations will be challenged by the leadership and offered a short window to correct any perceived problems. If the challenge is not answered the raid spot will be considered open for competition.

Our goal is to recruit solid raiders --that fit into the environment-- able to compete immediately for existing openings in our core raiding group. That isn't to say we won't consider less experienced raiders; we realize many potential raiders considering us are less experienced, so we sympathize. People that represent a good 'fit' will be considered regardless. Several applicants have used their initiate period to prove themselves, often overcoming some gearing issues.

Our raid schedule is:
Sun: 7:30pm (invites) - 11:00pm EST
Mon: 7:30pm (invites) - 11:00pm EST
Thu: 7:30pm (invites) - 11:00pm EST

Multiple scheduled (but not mandatory) 10 mans are just a portion of the activities you'll find us doing during non-raid times.

We utilize an EPGP loot system: ratio-based with periodic decays.

Our current needs are:

No current specific raider needs, but we are always happy to interview anyone as long as they are a good fit for our guild be they looking for a social home or a casual raiding environment.

**We are looking to fill full time raid spots as well as people that are looking for a more social environment and wouldn't mind being back up or sitting for a week if needed. If your class is listed as high those are raid spots we have available, moderate means that it is a competitive spot and preference will go to the stronger player as long as they are a good fit with the guild, and light means that you will see bench time but as long as you play competitively then you can be bumped up to full time.**

**We will always consider strong players representing a good guild fit regardless of apparent openings. With Cataclysm coming this is just a guide as to what we predict we may need. If you do not see your class/spec listed please feel free to app anyways as again strong players that are able to fit within the guild will always be welcomed.**

If you are interested in TotP, check out http://www.tearsofthephoenix.com. Our recruiting contacts are Panjier, Brandmir, and Kelebros. If you don't see us in game, feel free to ask for any member if we are on an alt or to pass along a message. We would be happy to talk in Vent if you would like more information.

Best wishes in your search!

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