What TIME can we faction change to new races

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I read the blue post about faction changes going live with the release of cataclysm, but what TIME will I be able to do it? I live on the east coast, if I purchase the game at 9:00pm PST and upgrade my account, can I faction change my toon right then? Or do I have to wait until 12:00am PST when the servers actually come up?
I think if you purchase fraction change now, you'll get that little button next to your character's name on the character screen. Just don't click it and play normally till Cata and once that hits, click it and Boom! No waiting!

Oh, and you will not be able to do it till 12:00PST time when the servers go live.
Well all the cata features won't be available till 12 am pst so probably at that time.
you shouldn't be able to buy game till midnight PDT so i'd assume its at that point ya can start the change

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