Gear differences between specs?

I'm currently picking up heirlooms for a mage I want to roll when the big boom hits. Unrelated to the heirlooms though, how different is the gearing for the mage specs?

At first glance it seems that gearing would be near identical, but im not an expert. Does this mean I can run two specs effectively off of 1 gear set?
At 80/85:
The biggest difference between specs use to be the hit cap, but now since all specs require the same hit is will be much easier to maintain only one set.
The second biggest was arcane not having 200% crit damage, that is also no longer true.

I don't think we know the stat weights yet, but it is more than likely one gear set wouldn't be optimal for two different specs, but it will be close enough so you shouldn't feel bad.

Before 80/85:
One gear set will be fine for whatever.

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