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The call came from Darnassus, to every corner of kaldorei territory, from Feathermoon Stronghold to the Temple of the Moon. Outrunners crossed forests, seeking out soldiers, priestesses and druids. Every one of them had the same message.

“Our sacred forests, our home for ten thousand years is under attack. Orcs and trolls push deeper into our territory, unchecked. Traitors sneak into our cities and weaken us from within. No more. The Watchers were broken, now born anew and with a greater purpose. The shattered glaives and sundered swords have been reforged into a shining weapon of the kaldorei, a spear to be thrust into the dark hearts of the Horde and all those who betray our people. The Moonblade shines bright, dealing out retribution our enemies. Tor ilisar'thera'nal!"


<The Moonblade> is a brand new kaldorei military RP-PVP guild on the Moon Guard server run by Melyria Starstrike, a former Watcher and subordinate of Maiev Shadowsong. The unit serves as elite troops, jailors and raiders for the kaldorei military, heading out to the fringe of their territory to beat back enemies of Darnassus. They are separate from the Sentinel corps and have their own regulations.

We regularly hold drilling and training exercises, ‘On leave’ gatherings, PVP raids and battleground events. Drilling and training will be done in public and is geared for a more ‘elite’ battalion of soldiers. It is encouraged that you PVP, however if you are more into the roleplaying aspect, that is acceptable.

We are currently looking for talented kaldorei roleplayers who are interested in military RP, PVP and kaldorei culture and tradition. The guild offers players a chance to roleplay as a kaldorei in their own environment, without much cultural influence from the rest of the alliance.

To join the guild you must be at least level 20 and a night elf. As this is a traditional kaldorei military unit the vast majority of roles are for female, though druids can be male. Death knights are ineligible for recruitment for IC reasons. Maturity is a must, as is a firm grasp of the English language.

If you are interested whisper Melyria in game, even if you're sub-20 and working your way up to our minimum level requirement. All applicants are subject to an OOC and IC interview process.
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