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"I'm feeling rather cold and lightheaded." Carana whispered loudly with the wind blowing. "You're more pale than usual, Carana. I know the cold is getting to you but when was the last time you ate?" Jamaea asked while Carana listened to a few dragons flying around the temple. "It's been at least a day since I ate something... likely longer." Carana muttered as she heard the gryphon flying near the temple. "That's not good Carana... but I agree that we should get inside and get near a fire" Jamaea said while Carana weakly got inside the temple. "Being near a fire might make me feel a little better..." Carana commented as she shivered and listened to the few other groups in the temple. "That might help, which fire should we sit at?" Jamaea asked as Carana heard the gryphon fly into outside wall of the temple.

"It doesn't matter as I can hear the other groups in here." Carana said quietly while she heard the gryphon shaking it's wings off. "You think the dragons would let someone of ill intent in here?" Kennz asked as Carana nodded. "It's easily possible if they are disguised..." Jamaea commented while Carana listened to the few groups that were in here. "One of the groups seem to be a group of lost travelers, one seem to be talking about how great the Scarlet Onslaught could have been... likely former members while another... I'll have to listen to that group. Something seems suspicious about them..." Carana thought as the gryphon flew into the temple and stayed near the doorway. "Let's go sit near one of the fires and eat whatever stew was cooked up." Jamaea said while Carana felt lightheaded and almost collapsed.

((This is about Danner))

“Are you hungry, Raj'tel? There's some food on the table." Kasey said as Danner noticed the tall cloaked rogue getting out a communication device that looked like a trinket. “In case you are wondering, Mandi and Karosh are looking for Rob in Stormwind. While we were gone in Stormwind, some old enemies of Laris showed up in the tavern and tried to grab him. The gang was still trying to grab Laris when we came back. This rogue was able to deactivate a trap and help get the gang out. I still don't know his name but he has saved my life before..." Danner said while the tall cloaked rogue tap his foot.

"I can't get a hold of Ameron but I'll try to get a hold of the other druid... Orendil, what's going on?" the tall cloaked rogue asked as Danner looked around the tavern. "I'm looking for Ameron... he won't answer his device again..." Orendil said while Danner noticed the rogue sigh. "Was he with anyone?" the tall cloaked human asked as Danner heard sentinels drawing their weapons out. "Yeah... he was with a mage named Alex and Sentinel Syrala. They went looking for a young sentinel that went missing. I just decided to..." Orendil said while Danner heard a pause.

"Is something wrong?" the tall cloaked rogue asked as he tapped his foot. "Can I call back in a few? I smell cultists..." Orendil said as the transmission ended. "That's not good..." Danner said while he sighed. "I'll call him back if he doesn't call. Orendil will likely attack the cultists that he smelling and call right back. I hope that Ameron just forgot to turn his communication device on... hopefully the group hasn't been captured." the tall cloaked human said as Danner nodded.

“Alright... the prisoners we were going to guard was in the cultist site we have in the Cathedral district.” the gnome cultist said as Mandi saw the gnome shaking. “Was there a warrior named Rob being held there?" Mandi asked while she glanced at the doorway to make sure that there weren't any other cultists lurking around. Fortunately Mandi didn't see anyone else in the house.

"I'm trying to remember if the cathedral site has any warrior prisoners..." the other cultist muttered as Mandi prepared to cast a shadow bolt at him. "Remember quicker!" Mandi said while she saw the gnome cultist shaking.

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"I am her. Are you alright? Can you hear me?" Siania whispered as Ameron saw her cough silently. "What happened to Siania? She is injured... I wonder if Cultist Zarron put her under a potion that has affected her voice..." Ameron thought while he noticed the other cultist took Alex's staff. "His staff appears to be the only weapon on him..." the other cultist said as Ameron noticed Cultist Zarron pacing back and forth. "Alright put the staff where we have the other weapons at." Cultist Zarron said while the other cultist went into the hallway with Alex's staff.

"I see that you know the shaman's name, mage. This place is quite impressive considering the time that we put it in... but I don't care for Hallow's End." Cultist Zarron said as Ameron saw Cultist Zarron coming near him. "I see that you don't have a staff with you but you don't need this even with it off..." Cultist Zarron said while he took Ameron's communication device that resembled a trinket. "So you what that is..." Ameron said as the cultists tightened their grip on Ameron. "Of course I know that's a communication type device" Cultist Zarron said as Ameron saw Siania coughing silently.

"Now... where should we put the mage and Ameron at? I want them in this room..." Cultist Zarron said while Ameron saw a young sentinel in one of the cages near where Siania was. "What did you do to Dalrya over there?" Ameron asked as Cultist Zarron stared at him. "I gave the young sentinel a hallucinogenic potion... now normally I don't give prisoners a choice but I'll let you decide which cage you want mage. If you don't chose one, I'll chose one for you... or the wall shackles on the wall over here..." Cultist Zarron said as Ameron saw him chuckled.


Atoleir observed the group further, not deciding to move closer just yet. Noting that the troll was recovering well, his gaze began to wander about the World's End Tavern. There were some unusual people here, but the scout had no idea he would see a group like this. Producing a tome from a pack under his azure cloak, he leafed through the pages. His ears perked up and he paused at a particular page, located in the near center of the fur-brimmed book. Producing an old, yet thick and sharp piece of charcoal, the hunter began jotting things down in the tome. Judging by his hand motions, the elf did not seem to actually be writing.

Listening further to the conversation as he worked at whatever it was in the tome, Atoleir couldn't help but glance up to the cloaked human and raise a brow. After rolling his shoulders, and wincing softly in the muffled pain, he continued about his former actions. 'They mentioned other cities. Could this mean the Horde is effected as well?' He paused in thought, looking up again before continuing. 'Of course it is. Why else would the troll be here? Wait...' The scout blinked, shrugging at the further contemplation of the troll's tribe.

After a moment, he was engrossed in his work, his hand barely moving about the paper as he used the charcoal. Whatever he was doing, he was putting quite a bit of detail into every inch. To the point that he was not even listening to the others as he used the tome. This obviously was not important to the group, he simply needed something to occupy himself while they spoke to eachother. He was there for no reason other than to prevent the cults to successfully plant the seed of corruption in all the cities. They seemed to be speaking simply of other members of those retaliating.

The elf peered up again, his hand still moving roughly along the parchment in the tome. Glancing down constantly, he spoke up to the group. "What exactly are we doing first?"

Raniel quietly wander into the temple fully. His gaze slowly jumped from group to group as he tried to decide which was the best to join. unlike Carana, he couldn't hear there conversations and was unsure as to which group was which.

After a few moments. he shrugged and quietly joined a group. After find a comfertable spot to sit, he extended his hands and began to warm them. "Hope you don't mind.' He said to the group. "Been a long couple of days. and we need some warmth."

Camalia kept close to Carana, her eyes constantly shifting to the Rogue as she ensured she didn't stumble or collaps. At even the slightest hint of her footing growing unstead, the Druid hastily moved closer and attempted to keep her upright.


"Ya...looks like i missed out on everythink." Raj'tei commented grimly. Though she was partly greatful for the rest.

Rrazz and Melina shared a brief, worried glance. "Ziz is bad...if both of zem are missink. Do you think zee cultists grabbed zem?" The Priestess whispered.

"It's possible. though i doubt Alex would give up that easily. Lets just hope there still okay." The Rogue said quietly. her face paling slightly at the thought.

Zeek retrieved a rune from his pocket. "If nessecery. i'll teleport there and find him myself."

Darius allowed his gaze to move towards the Hunter. "Good question. i say we either go after Alex. or focus on quelling the cult elsewhere...Hate to admit it, but i think dealing with the cult takes higher priority over our friends."

Karosh grumbled quietly as he eyed the Gnome. "Speak up! or i'll be punting you all the way to Lordarmere lake!" The Cathederal district seemed to be the best location to search. though they needed to be sure. The porspect of freeing the other prisoners didn't escape his train of thought either. though he wouldn't bring up the idea while they were dealing with the cultists.


Alex sighed as they removed his weapons, though so far none of them touched his madallion. The crimson flames seemed to glow faintly in the dim light, though he paid it no attention. "Where's your festive spirit? surely even you enjoy a nice trick or treat run!" The Mage said in response to Zarron's comment.

He didn't have time to push on though. the Shaman was clearly suffering greatly due to whatever treatment they'd forced her to endure. But likely saying anything, would only make the situation worse. "Shackles or chains? either way i'm hanging around." He chuckled.

After a few moments of silence, he nodded to the empty cage near the sentinel. "That one works...looks quite cozy." The Human grinned sheepishly. "Good view of the room as well."
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"The lost travelers seem to be nice as they seem to be welcoming him. At least 'Nightmare is sitting with them and not the former Scarlet Onslaught members... I hope that the former Scarlet Onslaught members don't decide to bother us. That's one thing we don't need here. I feel so... lightheaded and weak. I really need to get near a fire." Carana thought while she started to collapse. "Thanks!" Carana whispered as she heard Camalia move and help support her from collapsing on the floor. "So... are we going to go where 'Nightmare is?" Jamaea asked while Carana nodded. "The bonfire there is slightly bigger than the others and the group there are lost travelers trying to get to Sholazar Basin. The group two bonfires right of them are former Scarlet Onslaught members..." Carana said as she heard Kennz sigh.

"Great and let me guess... they are talking about the glory days of the Onslaught and the Scarlet Crusade. They are insane..." Kennz said while Jamaea sighed. "That they are... I know someone that was captured and almost killed by them. He didn't do anything either... I am really hoping that they keep to themselves." Jamaea said as Carana nodded. "Let's hope they won't bother us with the dragons here" Kennz said while Carana listened to the all the groups conversations. "They shouldn't with the dragons around" Michael said as Carana heard the gryphon that was near the doorway shake it's wings. "Nope but we should get to the bonfire where 'Nightmare is at. The people there are friendly at least..." Carana said quietly while she kept her ear on the suspicious group and tried to make her way to the bonfire.

((This is about Danner))

"I hope that Alex hasn't been captured... that would be very bad" Mysiani said while Danner nodded. "That would be as they are still trying to find the cultist place of operations in Darnassus" Danner said as the tall cloaked rogue tapped his foot. "It seems that the blood elf hunter is wondering what you're doing first. Hopefully Orendil will back back in a few... speaking of which" the tall cloaked rogue said while Danner heard a beep from the rogue's communication device. "What was that about?" the tall cloaked human asked as Orendil heard a chain breaking.

"We found Sentinel Syrala chained to a tree. She starting to stir again but there's no sign of Ameron or Alex... I think something happened to Ameron. I just found his staff. He never goes anywhere without it... but hold this sentinel while I go into cat form..." Orendil said while Danner heard the druid shapeshift into a panther. "You still there... are you going to need any help?" the tall cloaked rogue asked as Danner heard the druid shapeshift. "I got a scent of the cultists and I should be able to track them down... I'll call you in a bit and let you know for sure." Orendil said as the transmission ended.

"That's not good that it seems that the cultists seem to have Ameron and Alex. But Orendil happens to be a great tracker when he's in cat form. They must have not been grabbed that long ago for Orendil to be able to track the cultists down. Let's hope he can track the cultists down..." the tall cloaked human said while Danner noticed Mysiani had tears coming down her eyes.

"Wait... I believe that there was a warrior there that the cultists were 'questioning'... but I don't know how long the cultists will keep the warrior there. I heard that they might take him to one of the sites that we have in the Dwarven district. Please don't punt me..." the gnome cultist said as Mandi noticed the gnome stricken with fear.

"So... is it likely that he is still there now? Where is this site located in Cathedral district? "Mandi asked while she looked around the room. "It's likely and the site is one of our bigger ones that we have..." the other cultist said as Mandi nodded. "Maybe we can free Rob and the other prisoners at the site..." Mandi thought.
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"I don't care for treats... but both of you will be here for a long while. We're going to keep your ankles in chains by the way... but you won't be able to stand in the cage. It does give a view of this room. Put the mage in the cage he has chosen and make sure that the cage is locked once he inside... we don't need a repeat with that one night elf rogue." Cultist Zarron said as the cultists attempted to drag Alex toward the cage that was near the sentinel and lock him inside.

"As for you, Ameron... I'm going to chain you to the wall shackles in addition to the chains that you have on. Drag him over here..." Cultist Zarron said while Ameron was dragged to the wall near the cages. "Why all the extra chains? You think I can escape with the chains I have on my wrist and ankles on me?" Ameron asked as Cultist Zarron chained him to the wall shackled in addition to the other chains. "Just to be sure that you can't escape. You shouldn't be able to now" Cultist Zarron said confidently.

"Can you hear me?" Siania whispered while Ameron nodded. "She is in pain. I wish I could help her..." Ameron thought as he noticed Siania silently coughing with a few tears in her eyes. "I can hear you. Hang in there..." Ameron said quietly while he noticed the older female cultist grinning. "Is there anything else I can do to impress the Lich King and... you?" the older female cultist asked as he watched Cultist Zarron silently contemplating.

Camalia remained close by. Mostly to ensure Carana didn't fall again.

It seemed amusing to her. less then a day ago, she was stalking them through the cultist base with the intention of killing them. And now she was trying her best to ensure they didn't freeze to death.

Oh what a strange sense of humor fate had. "Lets get you to a nice warm fire. get some heat into those bones." She whispered, her keen ears picking out several details of the conversations around her.


Rrazz sighed heavily at the news. "Zat's zee last think ve need! none of us can get there in time. And our attention is needed elsevhere." She briefly noted Mysiani's tears. and quietly inched her chair a little closer. One hand soon came to rest on her shoulder. "I know Alex...he'll get her out of there in no time, along with Ameron and Siania."

Melina suddenly leapt to her feet. A cold expression overtaking her face as she snatched her empty mug from the table. "I'm getting another drink." She stated simply, before storming off.

Raj'tei shook her head slightly. Before remembering what had been said earlier. with a slight shrug, she dragged one of the plates closer and began idly picking at the food.

Karos grinned beneath his helm. A faint glimmer of bloodlust appearing in his eyes as he turned to reguard Mandi. "Can we take the Gnome? it's been a while since i last ate."

He hated the idea. but if it meant sqeezing another piece of information out of the cultists. Then he was willing to act like a savage to pull it off. "Looks like were heading for the Cathederal district...this should be interesting."


Alex still didn't protest as he was lead towards the cage. All jokes aside, he had picked that one due to it being close to the sentinels. given enough time, he could hopefully get her attention and see about formulating a plan of escape.

He guessed by the Shaman's apperance. that he would have to move quickly, before she suffered any long term damage, if that hadn't already happened.

The distinct clicks of the chains being secured brought him back to the situation. and he mentally grinned at how foolish the cultists were being. Unless they were enchanted, it would take much to freeze them, then break the chains and get to work on the door.

The question now, was when to start? to soon would lead to them chaining him up properly. To late and they'd likely end up dead in the attempt. "Nice place... certainly better then most of the taverns i've stayed at."

"Not much lighting in the sewers here..." Coriani thought as she walked down the to the Underbelly of the sewers. Coriani noticed the small bonfire near one of the grates in the wall and a giant rat behind rat behind the grate. "There's no way to be sure how many cultists are here... we don't know what their plan is here." Coriani said while Dorion nodded. "That's true but whatever the Cult of the Damned has planned here isn't good" Dorion said as Coriani noticed that there weren't any mages patrolling the sewers. Normally she saw a few patrolling at least or she remembered from the few times that she had been down here. "Dorion isn't there normally mages down here? I thought that they patrol down here..." Coriani said as she heard TigerCat growl.

"They do. Every time I deliver stew to the Cantrips and Crows, I usually see at least a few mages down here. I wonder if they are elsewhere or..." Dorion said while Coriani thought that she saw something move in the shadows. "I hope that he cultist didn't get to them... speaking of which, it seems the cultists have a presence down here." Coriani said as suddenly several figures in dark colored robes and cloaks surrounded them. "It would be very wise of you to surrender now. That or you can fight us... either way, you'll be our prisoners and we're not afraid of a angry lynx." a female high elf cultist said while TigerCat growled threateningly at the cultists. "What should we do... should we fight? They do have us outnumbered..." Coriani whispered as Dorion held his staff as the cultists came closer.

“Alright… I can make it to a fire” Carana muttered while she weakly made her way towards the bonfire that ‘Nightmare and the lost travelers were at. "I'll run up ahead... do you mind if we sit here?" Michael asked as Carana heard Michael running over and one of the lost travelers getting up. "Sure, we don't mind at all. Go ahead and join us... you'll find that we are quite friendly" the human traveler said while Carana heard Michael sitting down near the bonfire. "Thank you... the others are welcome here, right?" Michael asked as Carana heard the lost travelers nod. "Of course they are welcome to join us. We sighed in relief that he joined us instead of the former Scarlet Onslaught members. That wouldn't have been good... I don't even know what to make of that group way over there. Are you alright?" the human traveler asked while Carana got near the fire as the human traveler pointed to 'Nightmare'.

"I should be once I get warmed up... thanks for letting us sit here" Carana said as she weakly sat down near the fire. "No problem... does anyone want some Northern stew, Steaming Chicken soup, or Dalaran Clam chowder? That's what they cooked around here... and there's plenty to go around. My name is Augustus by the way" Augustus said while Carana heard Jamaea, Prince Anduin and Kennz sit down near the fire. "Can I have some Northern stew?" Michael asked as Carana listened to Augustus grab a wooden bowl and ladle some of the stew before giving it to Michael. "Sure... like I said, there's plenty to go around. We were trying to make our Sholazar Basin or was it Grizzly Hills when we somehow got lost and ended up here... how did you get stuck here?" Augustus asked while Carana listened to the suspicious group.

((This is about Danner))

Danner was unsettled by the news that two more had been captured by cultists in Darnassus. The cultists didn't seem to concerned with being found if they were still capturing folks. "That's not good. I hope that they can be found soon" Kasey said as Danner nodded. "I do too and I hope Siania can be found along with them. I'm concerned about something Jan might do..." Mysiani said while Danner noticed the tall cloaked rogue tapping his foot. "Are you concerned that Jan might go looking for Siania?" the tall cloaked human asked as Mysiani nodded. "If Jan hears Alex and Ameron have been captured by the Cult, she might decide to search for them..." Mysiani said while Danner saw her pause.

"Even with cultists after her and if she gets captured... the cultists will likely test potions on her" Mysiani said as she took a sip of water with a few tears in her eyes. "That's not good... let's hope that Jan doesn't decide to search for the cultists base especially by herself" Danner said while Kasey nodded. "I know for one that Ameron will do his best to stay alive and he'll keep the others healed if he can" the tall cloaked rogue said as Danner looked at the blood elf hunter for a second before looking at the bar. "I hope so. I wonder if Mandi has found out where Rob is yet. That would be good if he's found soon" Kasey said while the tall cloaked rogue tapped his foot.

“Sure! Why not…” Mandi said while she smirked at the sight of the gnome’s eyes widening in fear. “You're going to let him eat me? O... my…” the gnome cultist said as Mandi saw him faint. "That seemed to have scared the gnome. You still want to take the gnome or should we take this other cultist? It's seems that the Cathedral District is the best place to look for now. It's going to be interesting... at least the rain should keep the cultists out of the streets for now" Mandi said while the other cultist shook in fear and while Mandi heard thunder.

((This is about Ameron))

“Well… let me see. Get the mage in the cage and lock it fools“ Cultist Zarron said as the cultists attempted to lock the mage in the cage. “By the way, the chains we use are enchanted against breakage… taverns can be very dirty“ Cultist Zarron commented while Ameron stared at Cultist Zarron. “How enchanted are the chains?” Ameron asked as Cultist Zarron pace back and forth. "Against magical damage but the chains do not prevent spells from being cast..." Cultist Zarron said while Ameron noticed Siania shivering.

"So spells can't break the chains but... maybe I can give Zarron a bit of grief... or that other cultist helper of his..." Ameron said as he saw the other cultist enter the room. "I put the mage's staff with the other weapons downstairs. We still have a few living prisoners down there but they are really out of it so they shouldn't give us any problems... oh and the windows are still tied shut. I checked to make sure" the other cultist said Ameron saw Cultist Zarron nod. "That's good..." Cultist Zarron said while Ameron move his fingers.

Raniel offered an apologetic nod to the group. "I do apologize. but we've been lost in the blizzard for an hour or more now. I should have asked before butting in like that...thank you, for accepting us." The Rogue found it quite awkward. he wasn't used to talking to others, he prefered to work alone.

Though that didn't stop him from speaking up. "Ummm if you don't mind. can i get a bowl of Chicken soup? Please?" He smiled weakly.

After ensuring Carana was okay. Camalia joined the others by the fire. "Thank you for the hosbitality. i'm sorry we have to impose. Though the Chicken soup does sound lovely."


"I don't know her personally. but i highly doubt Jan vould search for them herself. Alex is tough. He'll find a way out the cultiists clutches." Rrazz said quietly, her eyes following Melina as she vanished from view in the crowd. "Mel's takink it pretty hard though sadly."

"Most of the orders reporting in...Silvermoons afully quiet though." Zeek mumbled as he tucked his madallion away. "I don't like this. Darnassuss and Stormwind are overflowing with cultists. Yet the others citys are mostly without activity at all. they must be keeping a low profile for some reason...It might be better if we deal with them though."

Karosh failed to contain his laughter as the Gnome fainted. "Bah. he's no fun anymore!" His attention swiftly moved to the other cultist. "I leave the choice up to you Mandi. it might be useful to take one with us. Or we could just deal with them both now."


Alex silently cursed as they finished locking him into place. "You make it sound like you don't trust me. afraid i'm going to escape?" He asked as he tested the strength of his bonds. with his legs bound, escape was impossible.

Enchanted chains. this was going to require some extra planning. the order wouldn't get there in time, even if he did contact them. It was up to him and Ameron to find a way out. "Might i ask what use you have for me? i'm not capable of healing, or fighting off poisons...What other possible use could you have for me?"
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"It's no problem! Let me get you both some Chicken soup then. We checked all the food by the way to make sure it was safe to eat. We tend to get paranoid when someone else cooks." Augustus said while Carana heard him grab a few wooden bowls and ladle the Chicken soup into them. "That's good that you checked. That's something I would have done if you hadn't. Can I have either the Northern stew or Dalaran Clam chowder please? Either is fine with me as long as I don't have Chicken soup..." Jamaea said while she sighed and shook her head. "That's fine with me. I'll get you some Northern stew then." Augustus said as he put the bowls of Chicken soup next to 'Nightmare' and Camalia before grabbing another wooden bowl and ladling some of the Northern Stew into the bowl. "Here you go" Augustus said while he handed the bowl of stew to Jamaea.

"Thank you. Are you still deciding what you want, Kennz?" Jamaea asked as Carana heard Kennz nod. "I'll have some of the Dalaran Clam chowder please" Kennz said while Carana listened to the other groups. "A few of the former members of the Scarlet Onslaught are having a heated discussion about the Ebon Blade while I believe the bards are taking a nap while the suspicious group... wait, did one of them just mention the Lich King and a plan to attack Dalaran? I better keep my ear on that group..." Carana thought as she listened to the suspicious group as Augustus got out a wooden bowl and ladled the Dalaran Clam Chowder into it. "Thank you..." Kennz said while Augustus nodded. "It's no problem." Augustus commented as Carana heard Kennz start eating the chowder.

"Are you going to have something Carana? How about the Dalaran Clam chowder? It's good..." Kennz said while Carana heard Jamaea sigh. "I will but not the chowder. I recently had ate some bad clams that didn't agree with me..." Carana muttered as Augustus chuckled. "How about Chicken Soup for you then?" Augustus asked while Carana nodded and Augustus grabbed another wooden bowl and ladled more of the chicken soup into it. "Thanks! Are you going to eat, Prince Anduin?" Carana asked quietly as Augustus gave Carana the bowl and as she heard Augustus grab a wooden bowl. "I'm sorry, Prince Anduin. I'll get you a bowl of this one quickly. Is this fine?" Augustus asked while he ladled one of the soups into the bowl and quickly gave it to Prince Anduin who nodded.

"How did you end up here? I'm sorry I ask, but we are lost trying to get to either Sholazar Basin or Grizzly Hills... we were going to one of those location. Is something bothering you?" Augustus asked as Carana listened to the other groups. "I'm just listening to the other groups around here... especially the suspicious one...." Carana muttered while Augustus nodded. "I don't know what's with that group but I'm trying to stay as far I can from them. Something about them makes me uneasy..." Augustus said as Carana ladled a spoonful of the chicken soup in her mouth as she shivered slightly.

((continued from above.))


"That's good to know that Alex is tough. Hopefully the sentinels and druids can find him and the others soon." Danner said as he looked around the tavern. "It seems that the cultist place of operations has to be hidden for it to have not been found yet. I really hope that the druids and sentinels can find Alex, Ameron and Siania soon before the cultists inflict much harm on them." Mysiani said while Danner nodded. "I hope too, Mysiani. I have a contact in Ironforge but he's having trouble finding the cultists there and I actually have a contact in Silvermoon but he hasn't gotten back to me..." the tall cloaked rogue said as Danner looked at Kasey who took another bite of meat.

"Do you think the cultists have gotten to him?" Mysiani asked while Danner noticed the tall cloaked rogue shook his head. "He likely just forgot to contact me as he's kind of forgetful... but it would seem that the cultists there are keeping a low profile." the tall cloaked rogue said as Danner nodded. "They have to be for no one being able to find them." Danner said while he sighed. "At least Shattrath and the Exodar are free of cultists." the tall cloaked commented as Danner looked at the tall cloaked rogue. "That's true. You know, I still don't know your name..." Danner said while the tall cloaked rogue tapped his foot.

"Well... we could take him along. I could always summon... a succubus to charm the cultist all the way to wherever the site is at" Mandi said as she noticed the other cultist shaking in fear. "You wouldn't do that... would you?" the other cultist asked Mandi stared at the cultist. "I will unless you'll tell us where exactly this site is in Cathedral District..." Mandi said while she prepared to summon a voidwalker.

"It's one of the bigger building in Cathedral district. There's some flowers outside the building and a chair. Please believe me." the other cultist said as Mandi chuckled as she stopped her summoning. "Well... I guess we can knock him out since we have a description of the building. This is going to be interesting..." Mandi said while she looked towards the doorway.

((This is about Ameron))

"It's just a precaution to make sure that you don't escape..." Cultist Zarron said while Ameron noticed that the cultists had locked Alex in the cage. "You captured me the mage and Ameron here but you know what will make him more impress? Find me and bring me that paladin alive!" Cultist Zarron said as Ameron noticed Siania was shivering and looked worried. "Right away sir!" the older female cultist said while her and the cultists that were with her scrambled out of the room.

"I can't believe the cultists haven't been able to capture that paladin... I could easily. If I have to capture that paladin myself..." Cultist Zarron muttered as Ameron struggled slightly. "You can't escape from that Ameron but as for why we want a mage... let's just say that we haven't had a living mage to test potions on. I'll likely test some of my other potions... maybe the potion that causes hallucinations. That would be a fun one to test on you mage... " Cultist Zarron said while he chuckled.

"That's not good... we got to stay alive long enough for the others to find us. In the mean time..." Ameron thought as he noticed Cultist Zarron motioning to other cultist. "So Zarron, where is this place in Darnassus? I'm curious to know..." Ameron said while the other cultist left the room. "It's in Darnassus..." Cultist Zarron said as Ameron sighed. This wasn't going to be as easy as he thought. "I know that the windows were tied shut because of a breeze..." Siania whispered as Ameron nodded.


Raniel was rather hesitant to answe any of the groups questions. Though he found nothing wrong with them. revealing that the crown prince of Azoroth was sitting next to them would likely cause a measure of upset.

For now at least he simply offered a polite thanks, before digging into his soup.

Camlia on the other hand, was quite content to talk. In between mouthfuls of food of course. "We ran into some trouble...cultists are running amok in almost every capital city. And we barely escaped one of them." She knew it was a rather poor story. and it didn't help that she still wore her leather armor and cloak, with the cult insignia embroided into the fabric. As soon as she could, she'd be getting a new outfit. for now though, it was better then freezing.


Raj'tei ate in silence. Though unease was cleraly evident in her features.

Melina returned with a fresh drink, and it was clear by her movements and unsteady swaying that she'd had a few at the bar before returning.

Rrazz sighed softly. "Alex, Ameron and Siania vill be back before ve know it. Though i'd feel better if i he-" She suddenly gasped and grabbed her madallion. "Von...two...Three." She whispered, each number was followed by the flames glowing faintly for a moment before fading again. "Hmmm...three?"

Darius slowly leaned forwards and rested a arm on the table. "Three jolts. *In trouble but okay.* Alex i presume?"

The Priestess shrugged slightly. "I can't tell. it faded to quickly...Though i'd assume zo...i better contact Raniel. And get an update." Her hands closed more tightly around her madallion and she hummed quietly.

Karosh chuckled at the cultists unease. "And here i was thinking you'd love having a Succubus to drag you around on a leash." He slowly moved behind the scared cultist and lowered his voice to a low growl. "I would."

A moment later, he lashed out and struck him in the back of the head with a plate hand. the blow should have been enough to knock him out, though he wouldn't have been surprised if he was able to resist it. Some people were tougher then they looked.

"Lets get moving. the storm doesn't look like it's going to let up." He said as his gaze shifted to the door, before returning to Mandi. "You think we should tie up our friends? or just leave them?"

Already he was heading for the door, but he hesitated long enough to hear her answer.


Alex noted one thing they did wrong. While they bound his feet and locked him in a cage, they left his hands free enough for basic movement. not that it would do any good seeing as he was facing enchanted chains. But he didn't need magic to pull off his plan. he made slow, deliberate movements to ensure the metal didn't make a sound.

And soon managed to stretch just enough to grab his madallion. he was able to mumble the command, soon after the message was sent, and he hoped the Draenei had her sigil with her.

"Soooo. i'm gonna be a test subject huh? Cool." He grinned half heartedly before sparing Siania. "Though i'm not too fond of watching a girl suffer...might i request she be given a break while you work on me?"

It was dangerous. but he much prefered to suffer personally, if it meant giving the Shaman a few moments reprive.

"I hope that Alex and Ameron haven't been ambushed and captured by the cultists..." Lyraina said as Jandrania sipped her coffee. "I hope not... are you feeling a little better, Jan?" the human priest asked while Jan looked at the doorway of the bunkhouse. "A little bit better..." Jan said as Lyraina nodded. "Alright... sit down until you feel well enough to heal again... you need to rest a bit longer Astaya." Lyraina said while Jan noticed Astaya attempting to get up only to sit back down. "That kimchi did weaken me a bit. I would like to search for the cultists as soon as I am able to..." Astaya said as Jan sipped her coffee and noticed the human priest sipping her coffee. "You'll be able soon as soon as some of these other sentinels wake up." Lyraina said while Jan sipped her coffee and noticed that Astaya nodded.

"Alright... I don't want to search by myself the more I think about it." Astaya said as Jan nodded as she sipped her coffee. Searching for the cultist place by one's self wasn't the smartest idea especially when weakened. "I wouldn't either..." the human priest said while Jan glanced around the bunkhouse and noticed the male draenei priest peering out of the doorway of the other room. "Just to let you know that the magical effect on Huntress Leafrunner has been dispelled. She should be up rather soon... a few hours at the latest. Huntess Skymane is still under the magical effect but not for much longer..." the male draenei priest said as Jan saw him go back into the other room. "That's good to know that she'll be awake soon." Lyraina said while Jan nodded and took a sip of coffee.

"Are you sure that you're well enough to be up?" the human priest asked as Jan got up on her feet. "I should be but if I need to sit down, I will. But I the quicker we heal them the sooner they can start searching." Jan said while she sipped her coffee before casting cleanse on a another sentinel with long braided dark blue hair in a bun. "That's true..." the human priest said as she cast a spell to dispel the magical effect on tall sentinel with teal hair. Jan smiled and continued to cast cleanse on another sentinel while watching the human priest dispelling the magical effects on another sentinel. Jan had just cast cleanse on a tall and slender sentinel with leaf-green hair when Jan saw Lyraina's medallion flash a blue-silver color a very short time later.

"Sentinel Lyraina!" a sentinel said through Lyraina's medallion. "What is it, did you find Syrala, Ameron, and Alex?" Lyraina asked while Jan looked at the doorway. "We found Syrala unconscious and chained to a tree near the tailoring shop in Craftmen's Terrace. We managed to get her free of the chains and she's stirring but there's no sign of Ameron or Alex anywhere. Orendil found Ameron's staff... and Orendil can smell that cultists were in the area. The cultists seemed to have captured Alex and Ameron." a sentinel said as Jan stopped and looked around the bunkhouse. "Light of the Moon! They been captured? Are you looking for them now?" Lyraina asked while Jan took a sip of coffee. "Orendil has the scent of the cultists and we are currently tracking them now." a sentinel said as Jan stared at the doorway.

"Alright... keep me informed." Lyraina said while Jan sipped her coffee and looked at the doorway. "We will call soon when Syrala is fully awake." the sentinel said as the transmission ended. "That's not good... Jan, are you alright?" Lyraina asked while Jan sipped her coffee and stepped near the doorway. "I need to go outside..." Jan said as she made her the cloak's hood concealed her face before stepping outside the doorway. "This is not good. First Halaana, then Siania, and now Alex and Ameron. I hope that they can be found soon. Why is the ivy dead on that building? That's odd..." Jan thought while she glanced around Trademen's Terrace while she sipped her coffee and noticed a pagoda style building in the outskirts of Trademen's Terrace that was at least three stories in height.

"Are you alright?" the human priest asked as Jan noticed the human priest stepping outside the doorway. "I don't know. I'm worried frankly about Alex and Ameron being captured as the cultists might experiment on both of them like they are with Siania. I hope that they can be found alive soon..." Jan said while she felt a few tears come down her eyes. "I know but the Light shall protect them both hopefully. Don't worry about it right now. Let's get back inside anyway. This wind is cold..." the human priest said as Jan nodded and started to head back inside the Sentinel bunkhouse. "Alright..." Jan muttered while she sipped her coffee and headed back inside the bunkhouse.

“I see… were you infiltrating a cultist base or something similar to that?” Augustus asked quietly while Carana nodded. "You could say that... it's kind of a long story." Carana said quietly as she heard Kennz devouring the chowder. "I see... I didn't know that the cultists were running around the major cities. We've been out of touch lately. How bad is it?" Augustus asked almost in a whisper voice while Carana listened to the former Scarlet Onslaught members having their heated discussion. "Stormwind, Ironforge, Darnassus, Silvermoon, and Dalaran have been infiltrated by cultists." Carana commented quietly as she heard Kennz sighed. "I ache from the beating I took... would it be wise to keep quiet?" Kennz asked while Carana nodded.

"Considering the prince is with us and the other groups around... we should." Carana whispered as she heard Augustus nod. "I'm not going to say who's with you to anyone else... we're pretty tight lipped group here." Augustus said while Carana ladled another spoonful of the Chicken soup into her mouth. "That's good to know... it seems those former Scarlet Onslaught members aren't that way and that group... something about their manner is suspicious. I guess we should keep a eye on them discreetly." Jamaea said quietly as Carana listened to the groups around them. "I agree with that but it won't surprise me if there's another small fight here..." Carana thought while she heard Jamaea eating the stew.

((This is about Danner))

"Let's hope so... it looks like Laris is stirring." Mysiani said while Danner noticed Laris starting to stir. "Good morning, Laris!" Kasey said as Danner saw Laris opening his eyes. "What's going on? Did I sleep all night?" Laris asked mumbling while Danner shook his head. "Kasey tells that to everyone when they wake up... even it's from an afternoon nap." Danner said as Kasey nodded and smiled. "I see... did anything happen while I was taking a nap?" Laris asked while Danner nodded.

"Alex and a druid named Ameron have appeared to have been captured by cultists while looking for a missing sentinel." Danner said as Laris looked surprised. "That's not good... is someone searching for them?" Laris asked while Danner nodded and the tall cloaked rogue tapped his foot. "There are druids and sentinels looking for them now. It's possible that Alex just might have contacted them." Danner said as Laris nodded. "That's good. I can always call Xaala if you want me to." Laris said while he yawned.

“It's too bad... I know we should get going but it wouldn't hurt to tie the cultists up to make sure that they can't escape in case they should awaken... just to be on the safe side” Mandi said as she looked through her bag to see if she had anything to bound the cultist with. "It looks like there's some rope around here so I'll use that to bound them up really quick... then we can going into the stormy weather." Mandi said while she found some rope and started to bound up the cultists.

((This is about Ameron))

“Let me see... I could test a potion or two on you before I test another one on Siania. By the way, Ameron, I'm going to test potions on you too. Don't feel left out... but in case you are wondering, I plan on keeping both of you alive for many, many days just like Siania. It's going to fun...” Cultist Zarron said as Ameron struggled as he noticed Siania shivering and silently coughing. Ameron didn't like to see her suffer but he was worried about him and Alex having potions being tested on them.

"Finally fool, I see that you brought couple of potions for them... both of them are interesting." Cultist Zarron said while Ameron noticed the other cultist enter the room carrying potions, two orange-yellow potions and a few other ones. "One causes hallucinations and the other one... I'll tell you later what it does. I'll test this one on the mage first..." Cultist Zarron said as he grabbed one of the orange-yellow potions. "Is that the potion that causes hallucinations?" Ameron asked while he saw Zarron grin.

"Of course and I'll test the same potion on you. Now... besides causing hallucinations, it also causes chills, dizziness, and of course pain that shouldn't last too long. But the hallucinations last over a day and they vary. I'm interested in seeing what hallucinations you'll have, mage..." Cultist Zarron said as Ameron felt dread as Cultist Zarron walked over to Alex's cage and attempted to grab Alex and force him to drink the potion.

Camalia soon finished her soup. and after setting the bowl aside, slowly sprawled out on her back. "Ahh nothinh better then a good meal..." Though she appeared relaxed. her eyes settled on the Scarlet crusaders.

Raniel was much slower with his meal. Though his attention too drifted to the opposite group. "Somethings not right about this place. the reds wouldn't let anyone from the Scourge in here. Yet that group just really rubs me the wrong way..."

As he spoke he withdrew his madallion from the depths of his leather vest and lasped into silence. after a few moments, he lightly dug his elbow into Camalia's ribs and whispered something in her ear when she sat up. The Druid's face paled at his words but nodded. "It seems the ummm...situation in Darnassus. Has taken an ill turn."


Melina sighed heavily. "Alex needs us!" She groaned, her words partly slurred by the ammount of alcchol she'd comsumed. "We need to save him da-damn it!"

Darius gently placed a hand on the Rogues shoulder and shook his head. "Easy sis. running off into cultist territory is about the worst thing we could do."

Rrazz finally slipped her madallion away. "Raniel and zee others are spendink zee night at Wrymrest temple. Apperently there's some suspious people there vith zem. but zee Prince is safe...As is, Camalia."

Raj'tei almost choked on her food. "Wha? Cami? Wha she be doin with them?"

"Apperently she's rejoined us. though i got no clue vhat changed her mind."

Karosh nodded and let Mandi work. Once she was done. he quietly stepped out of the building and into the freezing rain. "Lets keep moving. they might send others to look for these two."


Alex barely resisted as he was forced to gulp down the potion. Given the chance he'd have spat the vile fluid in the cultists face. but his captor had ensured that wasn't an option. And in the end he reluctantly swallowed the hallucinagen.

For a long moment he simpy glared at the cultist, a smug smirk on his face. though already he could see the edges of his vision flickering and various shapes starting to move around him.

"Sorry to dissipoint. but i don't see anything different." He lied through gritted teeth. the first thing he noted, was the walls were...Moving?

His gaze followed the movements. it was like the walls had turned into insectins, millions of them. And it was getting progressively worse...

"A ill turn? That's not good..." Carana muttered while she listened to Scarlet Onslaught members discussion on the Ebon Blade. "No it's not good..." Kennz whispered as Carana heard Jamaea sigh. "I know that the rice has been tainted in Darnassus by cultists and several travelers have gone missing over the past week there... I wonder if more travelers have gone missing." Jamaea said quietly while Carana ladled another spoonful of the chicken soup into her mouth and nodded. "That's possible but it sounds a little worse than that... my contact in Darnassus was attacked by cultists and is likely been captured or killed by them." Carana whispered as she listened to the suspicious group talking about undead critters. "That's not good..." Jamaea said while Carana continued to eat her soup slowly.

"The situation in Darnassus doesn't sound good at all. How long have the cultists been inside the major cities?" Augustus asked as Carana heard Jamaea finished her stew. "At least a week in Darnassus. I hope that former Scarlet Onslaught member doesn't come over here..." Carana quietly said while she heard a Scarlet Onslaught member stand on his feet and stretch. "I hope so, Carana. I really don't like the Scarlet Crusade or Onslaught... my youngest brother still has nightmares." Jamaea quietly said with a hint of anger in her voice as Carana heard Augustus sighed. "I heard rumors that the Scarlet Onslaught actually have death knights in their service..." Augustus muttered while Carana listened to the suspicious group talk about the Knights of the Ebon Blade threat to the scourge.

((This is about Danner))

"That druid Orendil is tracking down the cultists that took Alex and Ameron. Hopefully him and the sentinels will be able to find the cultist base soon." Danner said as he noticed Kasey looking around the tavern as she took bite of meat. "Let's hope so..." Mysiani said while Danner nodded. "I can call Xaala and see if Jan has contacted Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker with any news... but she is meditating again so I'll have to call her in a bit." Laris said as he attempted to contact Xaala with his trinket.

"Perhaps Camalia got some sense knocked back into her causing her to possibly change her mind." the tall cloaked rogue said while Danner heard the rogue tap his foot. "That's possible but who knows..." Danner said as he looked at the plate of food. "Are you going to eat, Danner? You said you had gone all day without food. I don't think you want to be like Cara, my niec... your sister I mean." the tall cloaked rogue said while Danner gave the rogue a funny look.

"Good, the cultists shouldn't be able to do anything if they awaken anytime soon." Mandi thought as she finished bounding up the cultists and glanced around the room to make sure that they were still knocked out before heading outside. "This rain is cold! I do agree that we should get moving... which way should we head to Cathedral district? Should we go around the Park or the edge of the Trade District?" Mandi asked Karosh while she looked around the Mage Quarter.

((This is about Ameron))

"Hmm... I think that the potion is starting to affect you mage. Even if you're not seeing anything now, it's a matter of time before the hallucinations will kick in..." Cultist Zarron said while Ameron watched Cultist Zarron grin. "That hallucinogenic potion seems to be a magical effect... I can't dispel it. Hopefully Orendil and the sentinels will find this cultist base soon..." Ameron thought as he glanced at Alex and Siania who was shivering.

"I'm interested in seeing what that potion is going to do to you, mage..." Cultist Zarron said with excitement while Ameron struggled against the restraints. "Can't you do anything else?" Ameron asked as Cultist Zarron looked at Ameron. "I could always test a potion on Siania as all those potions on that small table are for her or I could test one on you Ameron..." Cultist Zarron said while Ameron noticed Siania silently coughing with a few tears in her eyes.

Upon noting Camalia was studying him closely. Raniel shrugged slightly. "Alex went to Darnassuss to aid in a rescue attempt. Turns out he was captured, Keeper says there's nothing we can do for the moment. But others are trying to find him."

Camalia nodded slightly. "Alex huh? Hate to say it, but he's screwed. surprised he hasn't melted his hands trying to cast a fireball yet." Her sensitive ears twitched as she picked out minor details though not nearly as much as Carana was capable of hearing.


"Lets hope zo." Rrazz mumbled. "If they don't...i'm vorried about zem zat's all." The Priestess sighed and returned to staring at her hooves.

"Eassy to you to say!" Melina said, as she banged a bottle of ale against the table. "He's in danger and were just sitting around here!"

"And as i've told you Mel. we can't do anything right now. We have more important things to deal with." Darius said as he gently wrapped an arm around her again. "Think it's time you got some rest."

Zeek however payed them no mind. "More then likely. Camalia joined the cult after her husband was killed by the Scourge. Sadly she blaimed Raniel for his death due to them being on a mission together when it happened."

Karosh silently contemplated there options for a moment. "Park works. Trade district is where the majority of the citizens reside...But who knows where the cultists have set up shop." He soon set off, the chilling rain not bothering him much. part of being dead, he didn't feel the cold as much.


"Leave the Shaman alone!" Alex managed to say through gritted teeth. The side effects of the hallucinagen was taking hold, though he refused to admit it was hurting.

He began struggling against his bonds as the potion took effect however. starting with little more the spots assaulting his vision. And swiftly turning into small red creatures, the size of a Gnome which danced about the room and laughed at there bad luck. There high pitch voices swiftly grating on his ears and causing him to try and cover his ears to ignore them. he knew it was only the begining, it would only grow worse as the potion worked it's way into his system.

"That's not good that the cultists captured Alex if he was in a rescue attempt. Who was he looking for?" Kennz asked quietly while Carana listened to the former Scarlet Onslaught members. "Likely the shaman that has recently gone missing." Carana said quietly as she heard Jamaea sigh. "A shaman went missing? Maybe the cultists thought the shaman could heal but why did the cultists there capture Alex? He's not a healer... he's a mage it sounds like. Was he in a group at the time when he was captured?" Michael quietly asked while Carana listened to the suspicious group talk about the Argent Tournament grounds in Icecrown and undead penguins. "It's possible... but at least there's others searching for Alex now..." Jamaea commented quietly as Carana nodded and heard the gryphon slowly walking towards them.

"I hope that he and the others that have gone missing will be found alive soon." Augustus commented quietly while Carana heard another former Scarlet Onslaught member get on his feet and stretch. "In case you're wondering, Augustus, the 'former' Scarlet Onslaught members have been talking about the Knights of the Ebon Blade and the rumored death knights in the Onslaught..." Carana whispered as she still was eating her soup slowly and listened to the suspicious group. "That suspicious group might be in fact disguised cultists with all the crazy plans they are talking about..." Carana thought while she heard the gryphon stop and sit down. "At least the Scarlet members are sitting down for now but that suspicious group... they look normal but their manner isn't." Jamaea whispered as Carana nodded.

((This is about Danner))

"I see. I'll eat in a bit... 'uncle'. " Danner said as he heard the tall cloaked rogue chuckle. "I'm going to see if I can contact Orendil... speaking of which, he might be calling." the tall cloaked rogue said while Danner heard the rogue's communication type trinket beep. "This is Sentinel Syrala by the way. I'm holding Orendil's communication trinket and I assume that I'm talking to Keeneth..." Syrala said as Danner grinned as he heard the rogue sigh. "I am him... Any news?" Keeneth asked while Danner looked at the blood elf hunter for a second.

"We are still tracking the blasted cultists that took Alex and Ameron down. I should have known that we were walking into an ambush when we entered the tailoring shop..." Syrala said as Danner looked at the bar. "Don't blame yourself. You didn't know..." Keeneth said while Danner heard Keeneth tap his foot. "I'm still angry that they took Alex and Ameron. We could have easily beat the cultists up had it been a fair fight... I see them coming out of that small building." Syrala said while Danner heard her arming a bow.

"Ah... you're going to attack the cultists. Planning on capturing one of them?" Keeneth asked as Danner heard the bow fire. "Yep. I intend to make the cultists regret taking Alex and Ameron captive and coming here. One cultist is down... we'll call back once the cultists are dealt with." Syrala said while Danner heard Orendil pounce on a cultist before the transmission ended. "Those cultists are so screwed... I should eat." Danner said as Keeneth brought a plate closer to Danner.

Mandi followed Karosh as the freezing rain continued to fall. "It would be best to go around the Park and across the bridge to the Cathedral district... I don't know if anyone would be out in the Trade District with this weather but anything is possible." Mandi said as she heard thunder in the distance. "According to the cultists, there were other prisoners in that building. Maybe we should free them as well..." Mandi said while she adjusted the hood of her cloak.

((This is about Ameron))

"These hallucinations... " Dalrya whispered as Ameron saw Cultist Zarron grinning. "I see that the potion is affecting you, mage." Cultist Zarron said with excitement while Ameron noticed Siania silently coughing with tears in her eyes. "I really wish that I could dispel magical effects... hopefully the hallucinations won't get worse for Alex, Siania, or Dalrya." Ameron thought as he struggled against the wall restraints. "Get away from Siania." Ameron said while he noticed Cultist Zarron walking over near her cage.

"Why should I... then again I could always test a potion on you, Ameron." Cultist Zarron said as he grabbed another potion from the other cultist. "Which potion should I test on you, Ameron? I'll let you chose..." Cultist Zarron said while Ameron saw Siania shivering. "Which one has the better taste?" Ameron asked as Cultist Zarron laughed. "Both are pretty vile... I'll test this one first. Don't spit this on me, Ameron or I'll test a couple of potions on Siania..." Cultist Zarron said threatening as he got closer to Ameron.

Camalia paused to stretch before dropping her voice to a whisper. "I don't like them myself. i think it's high time we find out a little more about them..."

The Druid swiftly shifted into a sleek black panther. after a moment, she vansiehed into the darkness and began creeping towards the suspisous group.

Raniel kept his eyes on the Scarlet group. "The Druids and sentinels are looking for Alex and whomever else was captured as well. i trust them to find our friends...Though i wish i could be there to gut a few of them personally."


The group was largely silent for the time being. most of them not really sure what to say or do.

Darius however, carefully eased his sister out of her chair and wrapped an arm around her shoulders. "I think Mel needs some sleep. she's been on her feet for the past three days straight. Back soon." With only a slight nod, he slowly lead the way towards the stairs and out of sight.

"More like she's worried sick about Alex...poor lass." Raj said as she cast a worried glance towards the stairs. "At least we be gettin somewhere now. hopefully they can get some information out of the cultists. Before Mel and Darius be doing somethin stupid."

"True. anythings possible...and i'd rather not run into another fight to quickly. Not that i'm against fighting mind you, just slows us down." The Death Knight grumbled as a drop of rain slipped into his helm and stung his eye.

Shaking his head to clear it. he continued onwards. "I say we release anyone they have captive. The more of us there are. the harder it'll be for them to stop us, plus we can retake the city if we remove the cultist presense. And i doubt we can do it alone."


Alex subtly shook his head to clear the visions, though only for a moment. His attention shifted towards the Shaman and a plan formed in his head. after ensuring the cultists weren't watching, he whispered a spell under his breath and attempted to disspell the potion effecting Siania.

The only problem being, with the chains holding him in place. it made it impossible to cast like he normally did. Thus leaving the exact effectiveness of the spell unknown.

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