Acheron replacement?

UI and Macro
In the last couple of weeks, Acheron ( has stopped working for me. It worked briefly after 4.0, so I suspect that updating a library did the mod in (it is now showing "Acheron" on every line instead of the character names).

I am looking for a mod to replace it, and the pickings seem to be slim:
- I don't want to know about the killing blow only, like Fatality does: the main use I had for Acheron was checking what had happened in the 10 secs or so before the death, as the death blow sometimes is not enough info)
- Ouch seems interesting, but I don't like the fact that I need to set 5 people as the subjects of the mod, and that's it

In practice, all I need is a mod that filters/records combat log and presents the info in a clear way. Does anyone have any suggestion?
Hm... My Acheron is still working. Where did you download yours from? The versions on Curse and WowAce are more recent then the last upload to Wowinterface.

Regardless, I have been in search of an Acheron replacement for a while. Something with a better GUI and a smaller memory stamp. Hopefully someone will post a good replacement here.
Skada has a death reporting feature built in. While I wasn't as sophisticated a user of Acheron when I used it, Skada doesn't gracefully happen combat rezzes. It loses details of what happened before the first death.

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