Holy & Prot?

Is it possible to gear up a char for both roles? I can get by at the moment, but obviously towards 80 and beyond, two sets of gear will be needed. Is it viable, or should I eventually chose which role I best enjoy?
It's quite easy but it does take some time (since you have get twice the drops, points, etc.

I would focus on one set first though and would recommend Prot if you like to Tank. Instant queues ftw. Healing queues aren't that bad either but tank is much faster.

Build up your tank set then start building up your healing set. Once you have a full set of healing gear, you can switch to healing for the practical experience.
If you plan to level this toon past 80 Cata is released, then I would just focus on getting 80 for now. Getting gear for both holy & prot wouldn't be a problem, but I personally wouldn't spend any Justice Points on T9 or T10 at this point in the game because any gear you get now will basically be replaced in a couple weeks. Of course its your $15 a month, so it's your decision :)

I have a druid (and soon to be rogue) in a similar situation, just sitting at 80 waiting to get upgrades while going 81-85

Edit: Good advice above going tank first, for the ques are much faster. Also by going tank many times I have been the only pally in my groups. So that means any plate healing that drops ilvl 200 -232 is yours. It's not the best gear, but good way to start and doesn't cost you JP
Awesome! Not only are you thinking ahead, but you will be soooo much more valuable to your guild as to roles you can fill in a raid enviornment. These are also the 2 hardest roles to play and the survival of the raid depends on them and you knowing each fights dynamics. Start with the tank set and make it the best you can but while you are learning the fights pay attention to the healing role also. That way when you start farming matts and running raids to finish up your heal set you can jump in with both feet! The good thing about building your second set is that your guild can help you farm the pieces for it instead of slowly building it up like you will your tank set. What ever you do, HAVE FUN! Btw, grow a REAL THICK skin, the roles you chose will get blamed for EVERYTHING! (including dps standing in the flames).

Thanks for the advise, and the other replies too.
Honestly, it's not a very flexible way to play in raids, especially if you plan on raiding with your guild. Hell, I used to roll prot/holy, but I found it very difficult to remain flexible during raids if we have two holy pallies and the fight calls for one.

And you will be stuck in one role over another. If your guild wants you to tank, then all you are going to do is tank. No point in switching to a healing offspec because all your healers are covered. Same thing if you're asked to main heal. If a fight calls for less healers, you will be stuck healing instead of asking to DPS, because the fight doesn't require an additional tank.
I did it.

Its doable but what you need to do is choose one or the other to focus on and then once your at the point your not getting an upgrade every one start picking up pieces for the other one.

But a fair warning: If you spec holy you will end up with immense pressure to make it your main spec. For raids healers are in HUGE demand while tanks and dps are a dime a dozen. Furthermore, if your prot/holy it makes life easier on your guild but harder on yourself. Fights that dont need an extra tank usually dont need an extra healer so you are less flexible in raid (but more flexible when making the raid) and cant change specs.

Also doing this is extremely hard on your bag space.

I plan to drop my holy spec for cata.

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