Swifty's Fail

Another "I'm envious of Swifty and his badass rig" thread. Move along, nothing to see here.

Seriously.. K he might not be the uber best at pve... But anyone who talks trash about his pvp better have a higher personal rating than him.

He is pretty average, it's like he never improved since TBC, he was actually good back then, and funny too.
To be frank he is a guy that knows what he is doing, and is great at making vids. Props to him, however there is really no need to behave like "fanbois"...

I know you ain't ragging on him but the reason he's got so many fans is because he helps people play better. I would say I'm a fan because I've learned quite a bit from him and I've watched a number of videos of "great" warriors but Swifty's were so much more helpful. He also seems like a real cool guy. I like how he gets so excited about *#!#, makes me want to play more.
AMG SWIFTY IS HIT CAPPED. Somehow caps are fail, now? The guy's gear is so insane that he can cap it even at low priority. Not sure why this is a BAD thing.
What a terrible necro.
Wish people would get off Swifty's junk.
Ive always been a fan of switfty aka john. His video's are always entertaining. Just remember theres always someone better than you in wow. Get over it. But the reason people watch swifty's video's is because he has fun when he plays
swifty taught me how to play my warrior
A necro cow. Now I have seen everything.
An orc wearing a necro cow helmet. Now you've seen everything... or have you?
You sir are my new hero!

..Are you retarded?

Daft, perhaps?

I mean, in Bizzarro world where Swifty is the best warrior in the game and doesn't spread hilarious misinformation that leads to a legion of morons swearing by what he posts, this might be true.

But this is not Bizzaro world, and while I may have a %#@!#ing S emblazoned on my chest at the moment because of this kick-!@# superman shirt, I can not help but lose myself to choler and want to call you names.

People who see videos and go "I WANTS 2 PLAY DIS CLASS :)))' are the worst kind of players. They are FOTM garbage, detritus that makes those of us who have played a class from the inception of the game look bad because they are ranked among our ilk.

Swifty is bad because he spreads misinformation, is a run-of-the-mill PVP warrior, and leads to legions of morons plaguing the warrior class.

This is a 'quality, not quantity' kind of thing. When the class forums are full of 'IZ FURY BETTR DAN ARMS??', 'IS ARMS BETTR DEN FURY??', 'I OUTDPS DIS FURY WAR SO ARMS MUST B BETTER!!' posts, it shows that the people playing our class are incapable of reading.

And reading is really, really easy. You learn how to do that in kindergarten.
Still he´s the best... he only need a bear like Bahjeera or Gearbreaker
swifty for president true story...

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