Cooking Achievement Diabled?

I've gotten enough cooking rewards to by nearly all the cooking recipies in Dalaran, but my Achievement still says "7/10 cooking awards received", and has since the Hallowed event started last month.

While it may seem a minor thing, the only thing for me really to do for the last few weeks is to work on Achievements prior to Dec. 7th.
I believe this achievement has a bug where you have to do the daily early every day for it to count. So if you complete the quest at 1900 on Day 1 then on Day 2 you have to complete it before 1900, and day 3 before day 2 etc. I could be wrong about this, but I remember something weird about it. Have you checked WoWhead comments?
Unfortunately "achievements related to the collection of Dalaran Cooking Awards have been disabled in preparation for new and improved Cooking Award achievements in Cataclysm."

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Well that's a bummer.

Ah well, I'll get all the other cooking achievements done at any rate.

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