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If it's supposed to last, perhaps repacking would be in order. The post office damaged my first one. After all to them, it IS only a periodical in the mail.
03/24/2011 1:02 PMPosted by Geomi
If it's supposed to last, perhaps repacking would be in order. The post office damaged my first one. After all to them, it IS only a periodical in the mail.

I believe that within a period of time after issuing an edition, Future will replace them if they are damaged. Your feedback on that is noted however. We'll pass word along.

Thanks for the excellent and prompt feedback.
Hahah. Wow.. glad I didn't subscribe. Issue 4 is certainly looking to be a 'keeper'.

Behind the scenes at BlizzCon that's been done and over with for months.. oooo! And an article about 'offtanking' and 'soloing as a healer'.

You guys actually bought the magazine? It's such a waste of money and paper. You really should invest it in something more worthwhile.
I also did not receive my 3rd issue and had to send multiple issues out to the magazine editor in order to receive the magazine. They said they had shipped on and it never arrived. My best guess is that there are some folks that work at USPS that really like playing WoW and saw my magazine in the shipping line and kept it for themselves, either that or the WoW magazine folks are scammers. I have yet to receive my 4th issue and hope I do not have to go through the same problems to receive it. I know it has been over a year since issue 1 shipped and it's a bit lame that they are late on 4 issues a year.

BTW: Email these guys if you didn't receive your third issue, that's what I did.
I have to say that I've been really disappointed by two facets of the magazine.

1. Schedule. This was touted as a quarterly magazine, and the fact that the 4th issue is 4 months late is something that has really angered me, and I don't think it bodes well for the continued production of the magazine.

2. New information. While the interviews are new, the information and answers in them generally is not. We were promised new information about the game, and for me (and many others) that information was clearly going to be about upcoming changes/additions to the game. Whether that was intended or not, it was the understanding that I believe most subscribers had.

To be honest, I wouldn't even be that angry about the lateness of each issue if we at least got some brand new information pertaining to the game. The two issues in context with each other have made the magazine very very disappointing. Lucky for me I haven't had a problem with my issues being damaged or not arriving. If I had, I would be demanding my money back right now. I don't think the enterprise is beyond redemption at this point... but it's getting close.
That "exclusive art" cover looks obscenely cheap.

You can keep it.
I'm pleased with the issues that I've received. I initially subscribed for two years, and my order was placed on 2/26/2010. The first issue was scheduled to ship within 8-10 weeks.

I'd say that having the 4th issue come out about now, during March of the following year is well within the timeframe of a quarterly publication. Besides, always forgetting when the expected production date of the next issue is means I'll get a surprise in my mail. Everyone loves those.

I find the quality of the physical book to be outstanding. Each issue reminds me of a strategy guide that you'd pay $15-$20 for at GameStop.

My only suggestion is that anyone who receives a damaged issue communicates to Future that their method of shipment lends these beautiful books to be damaged much more easily. Each issue I've received has been protected by a very thin sleeve of plastic. While I wouldn't consider any of the ones I've received damaged to the point of asking for replacement, the plastic on the spine is usually scuffed enough to cause noticeable flecks on the outer cover.

I am looking forward to receiving issue #4!

Information on the fourth issue, including a sneak peek, can be found on the official WoW Magazine site here-

From table of contents:
The Lore Corner
Questions and answers about the history and mysteries of Azeroth

I hope this isn't what happened to the "Ask the CDevs" Q&A. I was under the impression that was going to be posted in the forums, not in a magazine I don't subscribe to.
I'd be apt to subscribe to a print-locked/protected digital format (iPad/tablet version?) over a printed edition. (provided that format was priced differently to it's printed brother) Too much wasted paper is a bad thing, I have enough books without angering the forest with a mountain of magazines.

Not to mention they haven't quite forgotten that accidental stray fireball...
03/24/2011 1:05 PMPosted by Nethaera
I believe that within a period of time after issuing an edition, Future will replace them if they are damaged. Your feedback on that is noted however. We'll pass word along.

I have yet to receive an issue that hasn't been damaged or had some sort of printing mistake. My first issue came in a torn envelope, and a good 20% of the pages had black ink smudges running the full length of the page.

The shipping envelopes are terrible... offer no protection at all. One was wet and soaked through the cover so it's warped, and the other had a creased spine that made flipping pages difficult.

I have yet to even receive my 3rd issue... I didn't even know it was out. Guess I'll have to send someone a note about that. (oh joy)

To say the least, I'm completely unimpressed with the way Blizzard has handled their magazine.
I'll chime in and say I'm disappointed as well.

I've yet to receive Issue 1 which was mailed to me 4 times (3 times are replacement copies that never arrived), and Issue 2/3 are "damaged" on arrival because the magazine is folded in half to put it in the mailbox.

It's not that hard to ring the doorbell right?
WoW magazine...

ordered my sub on 7th november said first issue would arrive 8-10 weeks and guess what!
I STILL DON'T HAVE IT after e-mailing at least 3 times ( no responses ) i am definantly NOT going to renew the subscription

/end rant
Lol, I still love hearing about this. I personally didn't purchase a WoW magazine subscription. But it seems like such a scam that I really wouldn't expect from a company like Blizzard. Every issue was late and/or damaged. Many people haven't even received issue #1.

It really shows when they release a quarterly magazine that is actually expensive, that gives zero content that is actually useful or an actual sneak peak (Hard to be a sneak peak when it comes half a year late).

But here is the kicker, the old forums (People were still complaining about this back then) we had a blue come in and actually say "With this quarterly magazine, it will be ready when it's ready."

I just want to ask why Blizzard even bothered. Other than to scam their player base out of more money.
Actually I was considering subscribing this week, but after reading the feedback, I've changed my mind.
I too have been dealing with a major issue with future, see my wife place a subscription to the magazine for my x-mas present back on Nov 15. I gave them the 8-12 weeks that they ask for and then some, I figured I was between issues, after emailing them, finding their number and calling them I finally yesterday get an email confirming my order 18 weeks after it was placed, then they told me it will take 6-8 more weeks for me to get my first issue. Personally I feel that am I owed back issue free of charge but, that blizzard really needs to take a hardline with them, and let them know that this is not how they want their customers treated. The lady that I talked to at future didn't even know that they published the magazine, I had to direct her to their own webpage for her to believe me.

I know this is not blizzards fault, but they have a contract and seeing that blizzard is blizzard I think that they can really use some industry weight and get some of these logistics problems fixed.
I find the mag very hard to read. I am an editor and I do page layouts a lot. I find the font sizes in the WoW mag often too small. Often also, the text is overlaid on graphics which also makes it a chore to read the articles. I wrote to the mag people about this, but never got a reply. I know from personal experience that many page designers consider the words to be just a visual element of their great and wonderful creations, but for those of us who actually read this is not so...

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