[BUG]No Invasion in Ironforge/Thunder Bluff

Bug Report
I believe this is a bug. We see the portals but no elementals coming out.
Confirmed on the Stormreaver server. Not sure if this is happening on all realms or just ours.
Seems to be happening right now on Scarlet Crusade as well - the rifts are there, but no elementals are spawning.
Similar happening on Jaedenar last night. Invasion would come to IF, would clear all districts except one would have 3 rifts remaining and no elementals spawning.
Event bugged on Mannoroth rifts staying up no elite elementals spawned.
Bugged on Draka as well. I was disappointed that I didn't get to kill stuff... :(
Bugged on Korgath too
Arthas too. Org gets bugged citizens (cant find them) IF has no elementals spawn.
same bug on Undermine, IF doesnt work but SW is working fine. (it was like that on the PTR)
you can also include thunder bluff. I checked via horde characters, doesn't work there too.
Gorgaanash is bugged also stormwind works IF does not
Happening on Dragonblight in IF as well.
Confirmed on Korgath. Rifts were bugged before the patch and still are after. Fortifications go up no problem, as well as rescuing citizens. After the rifts appear, the event hangs and no elementals emerge from the rifts.
On CC it's the opposite. No rifts spawn, nor do any elite elementals in IF. The first part happens with the fortifications, and then it switches over but no elementals spawn, nor do the rifts. It just says, "Rifts 0, civilians 25." And after the civilians are rescued...I don't know how, the leaders yell that the areas are clear.
Confirmed on Silvermoon. All of IF has been bugged out all day. The event also makes the mailboxes despawn, which is really frustrating.
Issue happening on "Bronzebeard" Server as well not getting any elementals from the Rifts in IF
Shadowmoon as well.
Skywall as well. Rifts but no elementals, so no way to get the earth or fire bosses.
Confirmed on Arathor too
Confrimed on proudmoore US all day tuesday -- phase 1 works, and all rises clear except the lower part of the middle rise in thunderbluff clear as well.

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