[bug] Orgrimmar invasion citizens

Bug Report
There are 2 trapped citizens in both Valley of Wisdom and Valley of Honor that cannont be freed, making the invasion impossible to win

e: The two in Valley of Wisdom don't even seem to appear anywhere.
e2: found one of them. He phases out when I get close.
Same here. Can't complete the event, have trapped citizens phasing out when getting close or not appearing altogether.
Another invasion on Thunderhorn, same bugged citizens.

Valley of Strength 41.6, 61.4 - phases out when you walk over her
Valley of Strength 41.7, 64.1 - phases out when you walk over him
Valley of Wisdom 45.6, 44.1 - only visible from far away, from the left side of the throne room facing it.
Couldn't find the last one in Valley of Wisdom but it's likely inside the building with the same phasing conditions as above.

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