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Hail! Do you have what it takes to lead an empire?

Empires of Azeroth is a different kind of in-game roleplay. Just read the rules, and find out.

NOTE: All of the rules are OOC. But since this is a civilization game, I'll say OOG (Out of Government).

Empires of Azeroth is a game where you create an empire. Your empire will start out as a small city, but slowly, will expand to greatness and glory.

It is based in all of Azeroth, the Outlands, and any other place in World of Warcraft.

First, you must make your city. Start off with reading this, every page, and then put in the application. You can start in any unclaimed city or countryside in Azeroth. Yes, you are allowed to make your own imaginary city.

But now, to the big rules.


1. No overpowering, metagaming, or godmodding. This means no doing this for other players, no cheating, no knowing things that you shouldn't know, no any of that stuff.
2. You may invent new things, but keep it realistic! No fighter jets, this is based in the World of Warcraft universe!
3. If there is ever an argument, what I say is final. If a GM has to get in... Well, you know what happens.
4. No breaking these rules (did I really have to post this?).
5. Swearing, breaking of the ToA, and and spamming will NOT be tolerated.
6. I will not tolerate any absence of fun.
7. All of the posts I say about explaining the game is a rule.
9. Yes, I am also Vallys.
HFPE: Hidden from Public Eyes. This is for if you want to do or say something about your nation that you want to keep hidden from other nations.
OOG: Out of Government. The equivalent to OOC in this game.
EoA: Empires of Azeroth, the game!

Read up, and get posting!
Name of Empire:
Government Type (Realistic):
Location(Chose one city or sub-zone!):
Population (max 1000 at beginning):
Military (max 100 at beginning):
Race(s)(Say your main race):
Military Technology (You gain your main race's tech):
Civilian Technology:
*History of Empire:
Name of Empire:
Land List:

Note: The moment you post your application, if everything is eligible, you can go playing.
NPC nations (they are like player nations, but controlled by me):
The Horde:
Capital: Orgrimmar
Land List: Orgrimmar, Durotar, the Echo Isles, Mulgore, Thunder Bluff
Race: Orc, Troll, Tauren

The Alliance:
Capital: Stormwind City
Land List: Elwynn Forest, Stormwind City, Dun Morogh, Gnomeregan, Ironforge
Race: Human, Dwarf, Gnome, High Elf

The Scourge:
Capital: Icecrown Citadel
Land List: Icecrown Glacier
Race: Undead


Player Nations:

Player: Tarnak
Name of Empire: GobMech Trade Co.
Land List: Booty Bay
Capital: Booty Bay
Race: Main Races: Goblin (90%), Hobgoblin, and Ogre, with some other races here and there.

Player: Ceaphas
Name of Empire: Kul Tiras
Land List: Boralus
Capital: Boralus
Race: Worgen, Human, Dwarf, Gnome, High Elf

Player: Nightwatcher
Name of Empire: Bloodsail Buccaneers
Land List: Southern Savage Coast
Capital: Southern Savage Coast
Race: Human, Orc, Gnome

Player: Elendiàl
Name of Empire: Cenarion Imperium
Land List: Nighthaven, Furbolg Hold
Capital: Nighthaven
Race: Night Elves, Dryads/Keepers (same race, different sex), Furbolgs, Ancients

Player: Balhinn
Name of Empire: Shadowhammer Dwarves
Land List: The Cauldron, Caves below it
Capital: The Cauldron
Race: Dark Iron Dwarves, various Kobold and other slaves.

Player: Kaezer
Name of Empire: Sinscale Empire
Land List: Szoria, an island southwest of Stranglethorn which is mostly undiscovered by the rest of Azeroth.
Capital: Szoria, an island southwest of Stranglethorn which is mostly undiscovered by the rest of Azeroth.
Race: Saurains, a race of reptilian humanoids native the the jungle island of Szoria.

Player: Flare
Name of Empire: Asylum
Land List: Whiteland Isle
Capital: Asylum City
Race: Gnomes, Humans, Dwarves

Player: Tolarar
Name of Empire: Sellsword Confederacy
Land List: Durnholde Keep
Capital: Durnholde Keep
Race: Humans, Dwarves (small amount)

Player: Vartei
Name of Empire: Fel Horde
Land List: Hellfire Citadel
Capital: Hellfire Citadel
Race: Fel Orcs, Orcs

Player: Urlaffe
Name of Empire: Loch Pharen
Land List: The Dark Portal, surrounding area
Capital: Nearus
Race: Iron dwarves, fel orcs, orcs, gnomes, Draenei, humans, eredar.

Player: Shamshel
Name of Empire: Qiraji Imperium
Capital: Ahn'Qiraj
Land List: Ahn'Qiraj, Silithus(?)
Race(s): Qiraji, Silithid, Old God(1)

Player: Stiric
Name of Empire: Darmar's Refuge
Capital: Haven
Land List: Grom'gol Base Camp (renamed to Haven)
Race(s): Human (Main), Dwarf


Taken Land (by Players of Major NPCs):

Name of Region - (If 'Full' is here, all of its subzones are taken) - (By whom)
By Major NPCS:

The Barrens - Full
Mulgore - Full
Durotaur - Full
Elwynn Forest - Full
Dun Morogh - Full
Icecrown Glacier - Full
Stranglethorn Vale:
-Southern Savage Coast - - Nightwatcher
-Szoria - - Kaezer
-Booty Bay - - Tarnak
Kul Tiras:
-Boralus - - Ceaphas
Hellfire Peninsula:
-Hellfire Citadel - - Vartei
-The Dark Portal(and surrounding area) - - Urlaffe
Arathi Highlands:
-Durnholde Keep - -Tolarar
-Nighthaven - - Elendial
-Furbolg Hold - - Elendial
Searing Gorge:
-The Cauldron - - Balhinn
-Ahn'Quiraj - - Shamshel
Icecrown Citadel
Echo Isles
Thunder Bluff


"How do I improve my empire? "

Well, here is how to do it. Projects. Projects can be anything: New technology, better training for military, better education, larger walls, anything realistic. Projects vary in time, for example: Would training elite soldiers take longer then making the plans for a new catapult? Yes. The time is decided by you, but make it realistic! I'm keeping an eye on this....

Population + Military:
Two numbers, one inside the other. You start out with a population of 1,000, and an army of 100 soldiers. They increase in size over time, the population 10% every year. The military is increased by various recruitment strategies, such as projects, drafting, or a caste system. Yes, calculators are legal.

Battles and Wars:
The biggy. Battles and wars are done between to players. The players must arm their soldiers for battle, and send them (which takes some time), while the attacker must keep a steady supply line to keep their soldiers healthy and in fighting condition. I will be the judge of the battle, and if I am in a battle, then I will choose another fair player for the job.
But remember: The tactics and quality win, not the numbers.

Note: If you attack a player and they are not online, you must wait for them and me to narrate the battle.

Time System:

This is simple: Ten posts are one year. So, a page is two years.

In wars, it stays the same for players not involved, but those who are, it is reduced to ten posts is a week. After the war is over, they catch up to the normal time instantly. Wars that last more then 5 years also return to normal time, but stay in the war.

Claiming Land:
To claim land, you must invade it first. If it is an NPC, I will post its numbers and statistics, and then you can fight. If a player, you must fight it out.

The other possibility is annexation. You must gain the trust and friendship (forced or not) of them first annex them, however. I will post the outcome of the annexation if it is an NPC.

You claim land one sub-zone at a time.


Pretty simple?

Post an application, and go on to play!

Name of Empire: Kul Tiras

Capital: Boralus

Leader: Tandred Proudmoore II (The first one died)

Government Type (Realistic): Monarchy

Location(Chose one city or sub-zone!): Boralus

Population (max 1000 at beginning): 250,

Military (max 100 at beginning): 50

Race(s): Human, High Elf, Dwarf, Gnome, Worgen

Military Technology (Tauren can't use gnomish tech!): Human

Civilian Technology: explain?

Defenses: Lots of powerful cannons and crossbows surround the coastal areas, while a barricade has been made for the land entrance, they will also use enslaved murlocs in order to wear an enemy army down.

*History of Empire: Kul Tiras has recently held off a naga and Bloodsail invasion, and is now on the rise, declaring total independence from the Alliance, they have become land-hungry. Worgen have infiltrated Crestfall and made the majority of the island into Worgen, a third have been cured, two thirds remain feral. Their navy is stronger than ever with the recent addition of Gnomish technology.

Projects of Booty Bay:

1. Trade Fleet. Estimated Time until Completion: 5 years. The trade fleet will bring us a ton of riches from all corners of the globe.
2. Military. Mostly a navy, to protect our trade routes, being trained. 5 years.
Well, I have to go do something, but hopefully by the time I get back, I have something in mind.
Name of Empire: Blackblood buccaner's
Capital: Cutheren
Leader: Selena
Government Type (Realistic): Total Monarchy
Location(Chose one city or sub-zone!): Coast of stranglethorn
Population (max 1000 at beginning): 400
Military (max 100 at beginning): 90
Race(s): Human.gnome's and Orc's
Military Technology (Tauren can't use gnomish tech!): Gnome technology.
Civilian Technology: Pretty basic
Defenses: 4 land to sea cannon's, that if need be can cause extrme damage to ground unit's. And 10 Anti air unit's. 4 submarine's and about 14 battleship's and 1 Aircraft carrier with basic fighter's.
((They are very mobile at sea and in the air so ya they use Artillary from the sea along with plane's covering their fighter's on land))
OOG: Note, you only get the tech of your MAIN race, now. But be aware that wyvern riders can easily take a Gnomecopter, and the experienced troll berserker could put a spear through a gnomish mini-tank.

And Nightwatcher: Does your capital exist? Oh, and the Stranglethorn Coast isn't one subzone, it is many. Choose one subzone, and a capital that exists (or note that it is a city built on a subzone).

Name of Empire: Goblin Technological and Trade Cartel (GTT Cartel)
Capital: Booty Bay
Leader: (A trade prince, and they do not last very long.)
Government Type (Realistic): Trade Cartel
Location(Chose one city or sub-zone!): Booty Bay
Population (max 1000 at beginning): 1000
Military (max 100 at beginning): 100
Race(s)(Say your main race): Goblin, with some Ogres and Hobgoblins
Military Technology (You gain your main race's tech): Goblin tech. We have one large war zeppelin with bombs that can take out a building and many cannons. Our war-goblins are on the backs of ogres, and the ogres have large weapons of their own. The goblin on top uses a variety of different other things. Also, we have mini-tanks for our elites. Our guards are well trained, using strange technological shields and hammers or such to fight. Our war ships are armed to the teeth with cannons, capable of taking out a normal ship very quickly.
Civilian Technology: Goblin tech, and we have extremely fast ships for their cargo size.
Defenses: Cannons and our soldiers.
*History of Empire: The GTT Cartel is so recent it doesn't have a history. It is an offshoot of the Steamwheedle Cartel, but independent, as we didn't like being under their control.
Name of Empire: Zul'Tarn
Capital: Bal'ten (Island an off the cost of Tanaris)
Leader: Ten'zal
Government Type (Realistic): Clan-Monarchy (A family rules unti lchallenged and beaten in a battle or until the family steps down)
Location(Chose one city or sub-zone!): Island off the cost of Tanaris
Population (max 1000 at beginning): 500
Military (max 100 at beginning): 100
Race(s)(Say your main race): Trolls
Military Technology (You gain your main race's tech): Major navy technologies, Voodoo magics, and best of all, Pointy objects.
Civilian Technology:
Defenses: Enslaved water and air elementals around the main Island.
*History of Empire: Created by fleeing Zul'Draki trolls after the fall of Zul'Drak. Have been in hiding for the last few years and have finnaly decided to make an apperance.

OOG: Let's call those islands a part of Landsend Beach, and then you can get that.
Or are those not the islands you are talking about?

We have opened trade with the Steamwheedle and Bilgewater Cartels!

We have put up strict anti-piracy and anti-smuggling laws, and are enforcing them greatly. Any pirates or smugglers who pirate any of our ships will be attacked.
I have switched the time system. 10 posts is now one year.
I fixed my defenses. :)
A GTT Cartel Goblin ambassador arrives in the Cenarion Imperium. He walks up, and asks,

"Hello! I am Ambassador Oilycog, and I ask you if you would like either a zeppelin tower or a port made in your nation for trade with us and other nations! Note, we get to tax trade out of it."
The ambassador is refused entrance into the Glade.

Two Druids of the Claw are detatched to follow the ambassador.

We dislike this business... The Ambassador returned to Booty Bay.

He then goes to the Zul'tarn trolls, and asks them the same.
The GTT Cartel has been renamed to the Richware Cartel. The Richware Cartel has decided to embargo the Cenarion Imperium, as they are not good money.

((So your Elendial? If your not... O_o. But it is every ten posts in a thread.))
- The Cenarion Imperium sends an ambassador and his entourage with gifts of fruit, furs, and friendship to Furbolg Hold, offering membership into the Cenarion Imporium.

The Furbolgs like the gifts, but say that they would like to know you more before they annex to you. After all, you just met.

((I advise you give them more gifts and have celebrations or meetings with their leaders and people, find their wantings, give them some, and offer some rewards for annexation. ))
-Cannons have been set up around Booty Bay, especially at the docks. Even anti-air on the buildings.
-A zeppelin-making company has started.

The Furbolgs are very happy with this proposal, and accept.

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