Professions for a mage

Hey, everyone. I am starting a worgen mage for cataclysm and I would like to know what professions I should take? I was thinking of tailoring and herbalism but I'm not sure yet. What are your opinions?
Tailoring should provide you with good armor, and herbalism should provide you with materials to sell on the auction house. However, with all that tailoring you'll be making an awful lot of green items - might I recommend Tailoring and Enchanting?
Tailoring is always a good obvious choice for a clothie. You get free mats basically and get some good profession perks, you can't really go wrong. The problem is a second prof would be either..

-Any type of Gathering, just for the money
-Another crafting profession, but you'd need to supply it with mats somehow

Tailor/Enchanting is a pretty decent bread-and-butter choice for most clothies. Good on mats, income, and both support each other in terms of mats.

However some other good choices are definitely:


Probably in that order.

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