Gunship Bugged?

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Seems we are having an issue since the patch on Gunship. We are having the other boat vanish, then when it comes back it floats away from us.

Anyone else having this issue?
Confirmed, bugged for us.
Confirmed, bugged for us.

I agree
Appears to be unkillable, can't damage the boat as it seems to vanish when you jump in a cannon.
Pretty much unkillable, we managed to get it to around 65% by jumping out of the cannons when it disappeared, jumping back in, and then shooting it as it flew away.
confirmed, unkillable right now.
Tried in normal, same issue.
Bugged for us as well. The Alliance ship either disappears or flies away.

Trying a soft reset to see if that helps.
Are you unable to continue with ICC?
The encounter is unkillable. Time to do the weekly and go to RS?
bugged on spirestone. sadface. time to do immortal.
My guess was when we went into twilight zone on RS that we wound end up on the opposing factions gunship, I was wrong its limited to gunship..... so far
How does a patch dealing with "minor bugs" screw up an encounter? I saw no changes in the patch notes about Icecrown Citadel being "changed".

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