Vertical Unitframe Bar UI's

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Anyone have any good examples of a UI using vertical unitframe bars (particularly for the player/target frames)? Can be made with pitbull, oUF, doesn't matter just looking for some nice examples that are laid out that way.
Haven't seen one personally for player/target frames. I think the reasoning behind not doing this is that many players have more horizontal space to work with, and the fact that you can display text horizontally much more easily than vertically on frames.

As far as raid frames, I have seen some examples of vertical raid frames, with the bars decreasing as health drops, its very simple to implement in Grid, it actually defaults to lose health vertically.
I started these but eventually turned them horizontal.
Yeah ive experimented with it too just wondering found a way to implement that orientation of the frames nicely into a UI. I was thinking along the lines of this type of layout, but more tightly integrated into the overall interface layout:

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