Smaller bgs, Horde groups not merged?

I"m noticing in 15 mans that all the horde is often still from my original bg group and the alliance is from "ALL OVER"

Anyone else noticing this?

We have been queing as premades from 2 to 5, and have been quing for specific bgs.
For us over here in EXP-OFF, we have people queueing for games but it seems like the matchmaker is either slow to pick up players or jumps around a lot when it comes to selection.
As far as I know, the region-wide bgs heavily prefer keeping you on your own datacenter, with other people from your datacenter with you.

In 4.0.3 it seems like they've made some changes, namely, as alliance I tend to get placed in other datacenters or with more diverse alliance groups far more often than previously. Right after servers came up I even did battles where all four datacenters had representatives in an Isle of Conquest on alliance side, but all of horde were Emberstorm/Whirlwind still.

That makes sense though. Before 4.0.3, I was still getting some 3+ minute random queues and 10-15+ minute solo bg queues, even though horde were waiting a ton of time to get into games. Since there's fewer ally battlegrounding than horde, it makes sense that the queue system would pick up alliance from every datacenter in order to form a group as quick as possible for the waiting horde - my alliance queue times are much closer to instant now than previously.
I think your right. That would explain why I see horde from outside cyclone bg group in 40 mans. This morning I did an AV we only had like 20 to start and it was like every one from a different realm. A few hours later it was mostly all cyclone again for the horde.

How did you know that? I didn't see any post, but your analysis seems spot on.

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