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So I've been waiting for my character to transfer for 8 hours now, and I remember it usually took about half an hour to do so. Should I ask for help or is this normal?
Bump for informations! Having the same dilema.
My faction change is taking a long time too..any posts from a blue, or are they too busy in the OT thread?
Maybe this is a system wide problem?
/yawn...still waiting..
This is normal for a Tuesday where there is maintainance. The systems are taken down and it takes time for them to catch up. The FAQ states that it could take days. The process is automated so it should work itself out, the queue is more then likely just backed up.
Usually you'll end up waiting about an hour, maybe a little more. I'm sure their system is being hammered as Cataclysm gets closer though. I would hate to be one of the people that want to race change for release...Can you imagine how long the queue would be for that? :D
Realm transfers and faction changes are just a bit backed up at the moment, but they should be working through the system soon.

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