Holy $&^%!

I still need help with my Holy spec. I threw talent points where ever I thought they'd work best, but I still would like someone to help me out here. As well as letting me know what stats I need to go for, etc. I can take a wild guess, but that's hit and miss. :(

I'd pull points out of blessed life and put it in speed of light if I were making a pve healing spec. I might also pull the point out of Eternal glory and move it to finish out speed of light. Don't overlook crusade in the ret tree, it increases the healing of holy shock by 10% per point (Our guild holy pally has 2 points there, taking the points from aura mastery and only has 2/3 PotI with 3/3 Speed of Light)
You didn't specify whether it was for PvE or PvP but I'll assume that it was for PvE.

Blessed Life is a PvP talent so drop the points from both that and Enlightened Judgements and put those four points into Speed of Light and finishing off Eternal Glory.

When Cata and the new level cap hits, put your first three levelling points into Crusade and then either two into Enlightened Judgements or only one and the other one into Imp. Judgement depending on whether you need the extra hit from spirit or you want the extra 5 yards on the range.

At 85, stat priority will be Int > Spirit > Haste > Crit > Mastery. There's supposedly some theorycrafting arguing that crit is better than haste but I haven't found anything about that yet.
And now that you've got your talents in order, it's time to get some GLYPHS....
Mhmm, it's for PvE. I'm not much for PvP lol. I tend to avoid it as much as I can. >_>

Thanks guys!

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