Prot and mana?

I've noticed that when I'm tanking dungeons, I often run pretty low on mana, and have even had to gem for some Int. However, when I armory lvl 80 Prot specced Paladins, they don't really have that much mana. Is this because at higher levels more damage comes from auto attacks? I'd love to be able to re-gem some of my Int for Stam.
Are you using Consecration a lot? And are you making sure to hit Judgement on almost every CD? The mana return you get back from Judgement of the Wise and Sanctuary should be enough, and Consecration is a complete waste unless you're getting hit by enough mobs to regen it all back through Sanctuary.
1. Use Judgement on CD.
2. Take Consecration off your bars. Just take it out. Sure, it's hypothetically useful in some builds, in some situations, but the rest of the time (99%) it's just a big old liability.
3. Pray for more dodges and blocks.

^^ this
Your biggest mana returns come from Judgements of the Wise, which requires you to judge regularly. I see a lot of leveling paladins, especially in AE situations, not judge a lot (presumably because they think the damage of the judgement is low, so they don't care about using it). Keeping Holy Shield up consistently also helps with returns from Sanctuary; again, something that a lot of leveling paladins seem to neglect.

Conversely, Consecration is a mana hog; if you want to use it beyond level 40 or so with some regularity, you may want to drop a point in Hallowed Ground (two points in Hallowed Ground are generally not required, though). Consecration is not a core ability for AE tanking (if only because of its cooldown); it is something that is primarily used in streaming/spawning adds situations or if you need to REALLY push your AE threat (which is rare enough). For most regular pulls, you don't need to touch the ability.
Listen to Farranor. I didn't pay attention to the others, sorry. :( I'm in class. I just spotted "Farranor" and immediately figured you should listen to him.

That being said, I haven't had any issues with mana. It's pretty sexy. I get to be lazy and now I don't have to worry about DP cooldown. :D
Even tho I did not play this paladin forever, I never ran into mana problem. Just make sure your using the right seals and do not aoe on single targets, it #***s your mana.
I'm finding I have less mana issues since 4.0. I'll echo the above statements. Judging is your friend, consecrate only if you talented it (and then it's situational at best), and swap seals if you're really hurting.

The only time I've run out of mana lately has been spamming exorcism on elementals yesterday. It was that or get near a ton of elites I didn't feel like cleaning up. And even then, Divine Plea took care of the gap.

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