Female Characters in WoW Part 2

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Expanding on Aggra, who may pull a Sarah Connor:

Has much been mentioned about her background or her call to the elements thus far?

I still haven't picked up the Shattering. >.>;
I'm just hoping beyond hope that Tyrande's model isn't given the Alex-Slyv-Ysera treatment.
Explain? You mean how all three use the same base?

Yes, I'm tired of h/belf forms popping up everywhere.

Mag'har, obviously. She's of an age with Thrall. Her being a redheaded cutefase is canon (although I still say she needs a unique model).

Greatmother Geyah subjects her to high praise at one point, saying that the elements themselves sang lullabies to her as a baby. I don't know if this means she was precocious, or if it's just hyperbole.

Hopefully it was hyperbole. Though, she would have been born after the shattering of Draenor, right?

Not particularly a time when the elements would be singing to anybody, methinks.
The orignal model they had for her was much closer. Should have stayed with that concept. Ysera was beautiful, yes, but is was in a regal way. Not the trampy way they have her now.

Alex was supposed to be regally beautiful as well. She has a plate thong.


I took it as a metaphor, regardless of what. I just wasn't sure if it was supposed to be strictly hyperbole, or an actual implication that she was displaying shamanic powers as a small child.

That's pretty impressive. As from what I've read the elements don't really deign on any fleshling.
@Mjollnyr. You're an idiot, that is all. If you want to believe that gnomes should be crushed by pretty much everything, may I remind you that Al'akir's weapon is ten times the size of a full 25-man raid. Clearly, you just don't get it. I'm not going to bother responding to you any further, as it's obvious that you just can't wrap your head around the concept that real life physics and social structures don't apply to WoW. I'd like you to find someone - anyone - that can survive a 65 yard fall. That said, back on topic.

Females I'd like to see more of:

Sergra Darkthorn
Lady Liadrin
Dark Rider Arly

We're getting a little but more with Moira, which is awesome, so it's at least a start (even if it is because of Thaurissan II).

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