Irrelevant Suggestions to help "Fix" pallies

So, not that anyone cares but i have a few suggestions to help improve Paladins, mostly Ret.

I will start with Ret. Some of the problems (at least as I see them) for Ret are:

RNG proc mastery and uneven holy power generation. This can lead to large lulls or peaks in damage that is completely uncontrollable.

When you don't have enough haste to get to a 3.0s crusader strike you wind up in this weird area where you don't know if you should use two "filler" attacks or 1.

Inquisition (I have yet to use this) but i can see it leading to a horribly long ramp-up time and being un-fun. If i wanted to keep savage roar up, I would have rolled a druid (that is what its called right?)

Pallies unable to stick to (or even get to) their targets in PVP.

Pallies forced to use WOG over TV in PVP to stay alive.

Zealotry not being a very large DPS gain.

Dispellable abilities, vulnerability to silences and school lockout.

Proposed solutions:

Remove Inquisition.

Change Mastery to: "Your critical strikes increase your holy damage and healing by X%, Stacking up to 3 times. Lasts 30 seconds.

Make Crusader Strike a 3 second cooldown. Remove the Divine purpose. Divine Storm should be on a shared CD with Crusader Strike and generate holy power.

Make TV hit for 50% physical 50% holy damage.

Art of war allows for instant cast Flash of Lights, but for an additional 50% Mana cost.

Long Arm of the law roots your opponent for 2 seconds.

All "attack" spells are considered physical everything else should be vulnerable to silence and school lockout.

Mastery Buff, zealotry and Hammer of justice considered physical effects and seals should be undispellable (I think they are right?).

Wings, Hands and blessings should all still be dispellable, sorry guys!

Prot Suggestions, well actually Prot is doing fairly well but since I "broke" the AOE HP finisher with my ret suggestions I will just say this: ACTUALLY IMPLEMENT BLINDING SHIELD!

As for Holy I got nuthin, not because your perfect but because I am just not very acquainted with it.

Feel Free to flame and/or ignore this post, its not like a Blue will come in here and be like "Gee these are great/horrible ideas!"

These ideas are a dream yet none will come true.
I don't think your suggestions are irrelevent. Some of the things you've pointed out are real glaring flaws with the current design. I will say that using more than 1 filler between your cs is a dps loss and should not be done. Just wait..... -_-

I have used Inquisition and if you can imagine, it slows the feel of the spec down even more. I grabbed the glyph that makes it last for 40 seconds to help. I've read that GC stated that the druid ability you are talking about was unfun and not engaging, yet this is exactly what they've implemented for us. I would rather have another offensive ability in it's place that generates holy power 100% of the time like CS, so that we've not got those horrible lulls in our rotation.

Your mastery idea is better because, unlike our current mastery, it won't clash with Avenging Wrath and Zeolotry if it happens to proc during those cooldowns. It also helps with the "all or nothing" feel of our spec.

Zealotry as a 31pt talent is sorry. I think it would be nice to see some sort of pvp ability in it's place, some sort of snare, debuff, toughness or talent that makes your wings undispellable ;) Something to help the sorry state of Rets in pvp, but also might have a situational use in pve.

Change Mastery to: "Your critical strikes increase your holy damage and healing by X%, Stacking up to 3 times. Lasts 30 seconds.

More than anything, this; I never thought I'd say it, but I miss my glowy hands.

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