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Hello all,

So; the overall search box wasn't really helpful, and I try not to clutter up forums with duplicate posts, but . . .

I'm back after about a year and have been having an absolute blast tanking vanilla and BC instances (RDF = WIN). I was top DPS, my threat was ridiculous, and basically I was unkillable.

Note I said was . . . I attempted an Utgarde Keep last night and got killed easy - right on the second pull. Healer said I was too squishy, and he might have been right.

I've gemmed what I could, and since that attempt I have made an attempt at enchanting my gear appropriately.

If anyone has any tips, suggestions, constructive criticism, etc - I'd certainly appreciate it.

Thank you.
Check the auction house and look for a blacksmith. Also check out Xayton's Pre cata Tanking guide.
Check the auction house and look for a blacksmith. Also check out Xayton's Pre cata Tanking guide.


Also, when I leveled this paladin a few months ago, I did notice a significant difference between BC and Wrath dungeons. I was wonderful up until the time I hit Northrend dungeons. I hated doing it, but I also recommend doing some quests to replace your BC gear. At least some of it anyway. It'll be easier with some blacksmith'd gear and some Northrend greens.
Well, your health looks okay for starting Wrath dungeons, your defensive ratings are solid, and you shouldn't be getting crit -- Ingvar is only level 72, to whom you're still uncrittable.

Honestly, making the transition from BC to Wrath (in terms of dungeons and gear) usually ends up in a little damage spikiness, which smooths out by 71-72 once you've gotten some Northrend quest and dungeon rewards. Your healer probably is having trouble adjusting to that or is just a prima donna. I'd pay it no mind and keep questing until 70-71 then settle into dungeon runs, or queue as DPS and leave RF off.
it's a pretty big gear jump, I suspect it will be an issue with cata too. The gap between the level 187 gear you get towards the end of WotLK leveling and the presumptively level ~250 gear in early cata will be harse.

It's simply that TBC had enough raid progression that early WotLK gear had to be a substantial jump from TBC quest gear.
Thank you all for the replies . . . it was just such a wakeup call. I had read Xayton's guide, which is how I hopped back in and smashed the BC instances. I could solo level-appropriate BC dungeons, and that Utgarde experience made me go - whuh?

I have replaced some of my gear with quest items, I'll look for a BS and quest out another level before I try to tank again.

I never thought of queueing as DPS - shouldn't matter that I'm not ret since everyone wtfAOEpwns everything anyway. :)
For tanking right now in early Wrath dungeons I would suggest holding off until you can equip some of the craftable cobalt gear. It's all dirt cheap to make and very effective for tons of dodge and health. You may also consider waiting until you can flag all the quests for each dungeon to make the most of each visit and reap the superior quality quest reward items.

Beyond that, don't be afraid to use relevant cooldowns on trash- they have a low timer and it can make your life easier. If you have dps going berserk on things before letting you do anything to the monsters then either let them die or look pro by abusing righteous defense.

Good Luck
I have a prot pally alt who made that same BC to wrath transition not so long ago, so I know exactly where you're coming from. As others have said, you want to replace pretty much all of your BC gear since there's such an exaggerated difference in item quality. Do quests in Howling Fjord and Borean Tundra. There are also two BS sets you're going to want - there's a green quality cobalt set that is awesome for the early 70s and a blue quality set for the mid & upper 70s. Both sets have items for just about every slot and will make you the wall you remember being in BC.
I started tanking Wrath at 69 and had no such problems. Just use your CDs often and make sure to use Word of Glory w/ 3 stacks often.
+1 on the Cobalt Armor suggestion - I actually just finished writing myself a note to save 37 cobalt bars!

I'll quest to 70 and then go back and smack some faces. As for cooldowns - you are right, but I am a CD hoarder; I'm afraid to pop them because as soon as I do, I'll REALLY need them before they pop again. (Yes; I know I won't - I'm just crazy like that.)

Thanks all.

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