Did I do something wrong...? (lengthy)

@ Suetma: I have an 80 Shaman already, so I have an idea. And in the heat of it all, I was just looking at their health bars and not my mana. I should know better but it's been a while since I tried healing something I wasn't horribly overgeared for. I enjoy a challenge, don't get me wrong. It's a nice change of pace. But this was a bit more than I bargained for.

Ahh, yea, then you know all about the healer-fault syndrome. Even more reason to shrug it off, you know your stuff.
I like a challenge to... so figuring a lovely dps toon would give me some insight right? yea... mages are OP. No challenge.
My enhance sham has that healing totem glyph, if nothing else, its one more thing to help save me if I zone out and stand in fire ( which I would never lol ).

If the tanks aren't keeping stuff off of you, see if you like the Stoneclaw glyph, I ignore the people who say "Blah it's only for pvp" because having a bubble you can cast on yourself even when silenced gives you a second to get your wits about you and plan your next move even if it is just to ghost wolf right to the tank.

Don't forget ghost wolf limits the slows a mob can put on you too. This is all stop gap measures if you get into a situation that is starting to look screwy but hey, they are good to keep in mind too.

Second one has a Rift, which I don't remember anyone going towards. So not only are we getting beat on by the mobs, we have Chain Lightning coming from this rift, sucking away more life. I almost went OOM trying to keep everyone up. Not a good sign.

So, we are finally to the boss. He creates one rift.....no one dps'es it. He creates a second and becomes unattackable. I'm spamming my entire arsenal of heals trying to keep everyone up, and and up aggroing at least one of the Arcane Wraiths that spawned. I'm getting shot at, the melee are getting Chain Lightning'd and explosions from the Arcane Wraith's near them dying, I go OOM, and we wipe.

ok... third attempt at posting freakin 506 and 414 errors can bite me.....

on topic there is a lot of very good advice posted in this thread.... for various situations, but if you look at the part i have bolded you would realize not a mount of glyphs or tactics can save a group from fail.

the only piece of advice to really take to heart it always always always keep water shield up ( its water shield not mana shield people..../sigh )

besides that if the dps are going to blatantly ignore the fight mechanics, then they aren't worth healing.

shrug it off, do your best, and hope you don't get grouped with more fail
you were just in a group with terrible players don't feel bad about it generally if I have more hitpoints then the tank it's going to be a bad run and if I'm tired I'll just eat the 30mins and leave.
I don't understand why everyone is attacking the healer here, you can't expect a healer to have gear at this level to infinitely heal a group on a boss fight... The DPS did not attack the rifts that is wipe right there.

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